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summer puppy cut

by Kim and Casey

We have a six month maltese puppy named Casey. He is such a sweetheart!! We are planning a trip to the beach and Casey will have to come with us!! I am not worried about taking him with us, because he will be in very comfortable surroundings most of the time (i.e. air conditoning!!), but I am thinking about the time he will spend playing on the sandy beach and in the heat. I wonder if I should get him clipped into a "summer/puppy cut"?? I love the fluffiness of his coat now, but think I need to trim him up so that he is more comfortable, and I think that perhaps shorter hair on his legs/feet might be easier to care for in the water and sand of the beach. However, I am uncertain of exactly how to explain to the groomer what I want, because I certainly do not want him SHAVED!!! Any suggestions for a nice "summer cut" that does not end up looking like a "poor little shaved puppy" ??!?!?!? Someone once told me that it is better for a dogs coat to let it grow long first before having it all cut off. Is there any truth to this? Any advice/descriptions/photos would be greatly appreciated!! THanks!


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

You just need to tell your groomer exactly what you want. I just had my Maltese given a puppy cut but told the groomer that I wanted her to leave Emma's hair at least an inch and a quarter long. She did and Emma looks neat and comfortable but definitely not "shaved."

Be sure that when you tell the groomer how long you want it to specify all over. I had a groomer that insisted to cut my Maltese like a Bichon. This leaves a large amount of hair on the head. I have a curly Maltese and this was really ugly on her. A groomer may also tell you that they can not cut a Maltese that way because of the silkiness of their coat it will leave lines on the hair, sort of like a 5 year old triming their hair. I have found that although this may be somewhat true it is also no big deal. The lines are soon lost a day or two after grooming.

Another VERY important thing to remember is "sunburn"! If you plan on spending a lengthy amount of time outside, in the sun with your pup, real short hair will not protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun...therefore, causing sunburn! OUCH! I have my Harlee Dee & Travis cut short with longer hair on their heads, ears and of course, their tails. That's my own personal choice for them at this time...and I think it looks cute. But PLEASE,consider a cut a little longer to prevent sunburn! Have a great time!
-Karen Kalamaras

You should probably stay away from the term "puppy cut." As this means SHAVED to the skin in many grooming salons. The best thing to do is ask for a "sissor cut". This is a vague term, but at least it will help keep the shaver off your baby. Tapered feet look very nice on a Maltese. As for the rest of her, you should try and find a photo of a cut you like, and bring it with you.Some groomers will also have a photo album of some of their work that you could look at. Good luck, remember "sissor cut"
-Sally Warner

Just to let you all know that Casey got groomed yesterday and looks ADORABLE!!!! The groomer "scissor cut" him about 1 3/4" - 2" long and with shorter lets/feet. He is really cleaned up around his eyes, bottom and stomach. His tail and face/head are still long and fluffy. I didn't think he could look any cuter than he was before I took him, but he DOES!! I am so relieved!! I will be very careful at the beach, however, not to let him in the sun for too long (because of the heat and sunburn). Thank you all for your responses and help!
-Kim and Casey

To maintain the 1 and 1/2" length, will scissors do a better job? Noah's coat is thick and silky, and clippers make his coat look "choppy". I have been using a small, cordless trimmer on his little tummy, and have started grooming him myself with great success. My handiest tool is a pair of small, blunt tip shears.
-April B.

April, My groomer told me that for the longer look, scissors must be used as the blades on grooming tools cut closer. I am assuming she is correct--although admitedly it does cost a little more when she uses scissors, so perhaps she's after the extra 2 bucks!! ; -)
-cathy brown

Thanks, Cathy! Here, to use scissors costs $31.00. Having this done once a month can add up. Little Noah has learned to hold still and to stand so I can do it myself. You are sweet to take in a rescue. Good luck with the barking! XXXfrom Noah to Miss Lucy.
-April B.

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