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Fussy Maltese

by Beverly

I did some searching in the archives but did not come across my exact question. I read other comments about our little fluff balls being a bit demanding and liking to eat. I have also read about hypoglycemia. Theo is five, and I have never noted the shakiness or weakness I read about in archives. But,he is fussy, often sitting and barking either quietly or not so quietly at me, even after I go get him his treat, which is a carrot stick for weight loss purposes. He loves them and the vet oks them. Is there a possibility that his fussy spells could be from low sugar or protein levels? He is on Science Diet R/D. I have noticed that when I am very firm, "No more treats!" he will go ahead and lay down, but he is very persistant in his fussing. I don't mind being firm, but don't want to ignore what could be a signal of a problem. I would appreciate any feed back. Do they run blood tests for this in dogs like they do people? Thanks for your help, I continue to enjoy and learn a lot from this forum.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Beverly-It sounds to me like you are an excellent Mom! These maltese babies are so-o-o-o adorable that it is hard not to spoil them rotten and it sounds as if your maltese has you wrapped around his little paw. He sounds fine to me. Not all maltese get hypoglycemia. Obedience Training has helped me not to give in so much to my pup. They are just like kids. Give them an inch, and they will take a mile!
-April B.

I have what I call a talker. Prissy will look at me and give little barks. She won't take her eyes off of me. I ask her what she wants and she answers me. I look around with her to see what it is that she is telling me and finally we locate either a toy that one of the other dogs has that she wants, or sometimes she wants to be picked up, or sometimes she is tattling on one of the other dogs for doing something she knows is a no-no. She also lets me know when the papers need to be changed, when the food bowl is empty, when the water is low, etc. She is just my little monitor dog. She is also spoiled rotten. Try going with your dog and asking what they want, sometimes they are really trying to tell you something in their own little way.
-Marsha A

Thanks, April for the compliment-I try to be the best mom I can! I figure that it is good practice for when my husband and I have kids! That is a good reminder, Marsha. Sometimes I do ask what he wants, and will go through a list, including some ridiculous things like, "Do you want to go to Hawaii?" He just sits there and says nothing until I get to the "Good boy treat" question. I keep hoping the Hawaii question will win someday! Do you think I am creating "double jeapordy" by associating the treat with praise? Have I made him want his "good boy treats" even more?! I just figure that he deserves all the praise he can get! By the way, does any one else's little one do a dance on the way to get their treats? If nothing else, Theo has taught me what true enthusiasm looks like! But, I do think I will try talking with him more and expand the range of questions he might be asking. Thanks!

Oh Boy did you pick a good subject! Hi Bev,Harlee Dee & Travis are SO spoiled! The Vet told me to cut down on the treats and to replace them with baby carrots. My two are at the point that they are snubbing their noses at people food and only eating their own. I'm very proud of them. I tend to always let them try whatever I'm eating, this way they'll see what mommy has and if they choose not to, they won't eat it. I find it extremely difficult to look at those big, dark eyes and say "no". Best of luck.
-Karen Kalamaras

Beverly I am ROFL at your asking if anyone elses dog does a dance on the way to treats!! Missy does what is now known as the "happy dance" whenever we get home or when she is about to get a treat! She turns in little circles and makes a funny purring noise and when it is time to have her nails clipped its turns into the "happy tap dance" I love to hear all the funny things that everyones dogs do its, often many of the same things mine does. They are funny little babies!!!

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