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mad bite

by Janet

Sometimes when we are eating or playing with Queenie, she starts jumping back and forth and biting me at the same time. She would jump backwards when I try to catch her, and she would not listen to"no" If I chase her around the room and then stop , she'll keep running and running ever so fast she slips a bit when she changes directions and pounds on me at certain times during her "mad run" How can we stop her from biting and mad running? Sometimes she just mad runs for no reason, sometimes after the run she goes to the toilet on the newspaper. Is there any way we could stop her from doing this?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

My Misha does the same thing, we call it her "psycho routine", she runs around like a loonatic barking and biting at us. We chase her around a little and she goes even crazier, its so halarious. We think she's just playing and relaesing alot of energy, it usually lasts about 3-5 minutes and then she comes to us to calm down and snuggle a bit I think its normal. I hope!!!

Janet, Does Queenie get enough exercise? My girl used to do the same thing and run like a mad woman through the entire house and I actually used to egg her on because it was so funny. I imagine Queenie's not listening to you when you say "No" because she's playing and doesn't want to be interrupted. I never experienced the biting but as far as the running goes its just another form of fun and exercise for her. Enjoy!:-)

Fergie does the same thing! We also belive that he is just playing. He will run like crazy then stop, I don't know if it has anything to do with exercise because Fergie runs with me everyday. Ask your vet when you get a chance if you think it's a health problem.

My Chelsea who is only 11 weeks old is doing the same thing. She sometimes bites my children pretty hard. It is really cute when she is running around the house so fast. I wish she wouldn't chase them and bite them like she does. I try telling her to be nice, but it doesn't work. I was hoping she would grow out of the biting. It is good to know others do it and she isn't looney.

You mean "psycho dog." My maltese does this almost every morning. We think it is hilarious. I know maltese are terrific, but I really love this built in self-excercise feature. I keep plenty of toys around. If Noah ever bites at me, even it play, I offer a toy instead. I say, "get your toy," and now he does, automatically. He usually grabs his favorite toy while playing "psycho dog" and the other maltese game, "catch me if you can."
-April B.

Boy, this is the best area ( I'm new to the internet) I have found. And I'm not sure how I found it, but I'm here for life.

Our adorable fella is the same. He is a year now, but when he was just a puppy he liked to play chase. We chase him not the other way around. This has caused us some concern because if he manages to get out of the yard, he is off any running. It has taken up to two hours to corner him so that we can catch him and bring him home. He comes when called in the yard, our of the yard on a long leash he will come, but total freedom scarse us to death. He jumped out of our RV at 5:am in the heart of downtown spokane, what a frightening experience. We are working with him, it takes much patience. We're going to the ocean at the end of the month. wish us luck. He does so like to run free. We let him run on a leash when we bike ride which he enjoys, but not like when he is free. His eyes light up, he makes sure where still behind, lets us get close and off he goes. We can't just wait to see if he will come back, traffic, dogs, people any thing could happen. It makes me a nourvous wreak when company comes for fear they won't be careful enough and will leave the gate ajar or something. He can open the sliding doors, and if the other doors are not latched, but tight he can open them too. He is well behaved other than this little "big" trait. Does anyone have hope for me that he will grow out of this?

It must be a trait in Maltese, because my Lily does the same exact thing. I think it's adorable and I'm amazed at how fast these little dogs can run! Lily can turn on a dime. She doesn't go outside alot so I think that's just her way of exercising and releasing frustration.

I just found this site today and I love it.--My maltese (brother and sister 1 1/2 years old) exercise like this at least once a day--they have a great time!!We think it is cute! I do have a problem with my dogs barking at every person that walks by our house. They really get to barking when someone new comes in. We are trying to get them to stop this behavior. Any suggestions?

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