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New owner

by Karen

Hi! I am a new owner of a maltese - Princess Jasmine aka JAZZ who is 10 weeks old. I know nothing! I have her penned in the kitchen and have just started putting her in her crate when she looks ready to sleep. I am not training her inside at all. She sleeps with my boys at night and holds it all night. She is about 50/50 during the day. I am not sure how to use the crate and I don't like the crate although everything I read says its ok. The boys are on vacation now so someone is with her all the time, although in less than a month, she will have to stay home alone for about 8 hours minimum -- in the crate? or in the kitchen? Will she be able to hold it until someone comes home to let her outside? I wish someone could tell me exactly what to do with her from the time she wakes to the time she sleeps. I know -- too much to ask for right? :-) You can tell I am a new mother again -- my boys are 16, 17, & 18 so its been awhile! Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!Karen-Canada


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Hello, Karen! After just going through this with our little angel, she is now 7 months, here are just a few things I learned. We don't have children, and our youngest animal was 7, so it had been a little while for us, too. I would definitely recommend the crate--I know it is hard to put them in there, but they actually do come to think of this as their safe haven. I didn't do this from the start, mainly because we were with her constantly, but I believe I made a mistake leaving her out where she could get into something that would hurt her. From what I've read they can "hold it" for one our longer than their age in months--a 2 month old can hold it for 3 hours. Except I noticed that our baby held it longer at night when she was sleeping, maybe five or six hours. Definitely keep an eye on her all the time when she isn't crated. They get into things so fast, as lots of people on here have written. Make sure she has something safe to chew on--lots of people on here have warned against rawhides--so I give mine pig ears, which were recommended at all the pet stores I visited instead of rawhide for little dogs. My little one also loves her toys, ones that squeak, or make noises when she plays with them. These also get my older dog to play! Where we live we had to be careful not to take Zsa Zsa to public parks, where there are lots of dogs around, for fear of parvo, until after her final puppy shot. Check with your vet about this danger. I am very over protective and don't want to alarm you. This is the biggest one--enjoy your little one and her puppyhood. They are only little once, and grow so fast. Have fun!

Congratulations-aren't our little ones so special? Absolutely adorable! I think you are definitely headed in the right direction by finding this website. There is just so much information here! I probably make a boring discussion participant, because I urge people to search the archives and take time to just read past discussions! But, you will find you are not alone in your love or concern, and even trials with our furry little friends. Best of luck to you and your family with your new baby!

Congratulations on your new family member! We, too, are new puppy people.. I've learned alot form this website and just asking people with pets their advice (amazing how my conversation topics have changed!). We crate Hallie at night and any time someone is not in the house with her but it's only been for a couple of hours at a time. Come September, that will all change (school begins) and she'll be in the crate for 7-8 hours..I'm a little concerned about that too. I look foreward to som more comments on the crating time. Enjoy your puppy!

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