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Feeding your puppy sugar

by R. Simhon

My Maltese is only 4 months old and the breeder has recommended that we give her sugar in her water or give her alittle honey. Is this OK? She seems to love it.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Why does your breeder recommend sugar for your puppy? I'd ask my vet if I were you.


Why did your breeder recommend sugar?? Maltese can get hypoglicimic easily, but you probably shouldn't give the dog sugar unless directed by your vet. Glucose levels in a dog are important, but too much glucose can have bad effects. Karo's corn syrup is what my vet told me to give my dog once AFTER her blood test showed low glucose levels. And he said only a few cc.'s of it. You should not have to give your dog sugar on a regular basis to a healthy dog. Please check with your vet. Also, I would stay away from honey, as human babies shouldn't have it until they are 1 yr old, because of the bacteria it contains.
-Sally Warner

Somethings not right if your breeder is recommending sugar. Make sure you CHECK WITH YOU VET FIRST.

Thank you for all your responses to my question. I did check with the vet and he told me that sometimes puppies who are not eating require additional calaries. Therefore, adding sugar to the water bowl or feeding alittle sugar is necessary unitl she eats correctly. I think she is now eating enough so I will stop give her extra sweets. Honey is actually better to give, so the vet suggests. Thank you again for your concern.
-R. Simhon

When Lucy was a tyke, the word I got was to use a little Karo syrup.
-cathy brown

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