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Adopting a third Maltese

by Meredith

I have two Maltese, Cotton and Chloe. I am thinking about adopting another Maltese, but I am concerned about how they will react to this change. When I adopted Chloe, Cotton was 2yrs. old, and she was very jealous. It took time, but she adjusted and I don't think she could live without her sister. I'm just wondering if 3 will be a crowd.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Merideth, I am glad you have asked this question, because I have contacted the nearest rescue person and let her know my willingness to be of help, either permanently or as a foster mom. In the back of my mind I wonder about this, because I once heard someone say that where there are 3, one will get picked on. But, I am an optimist, and figure that where there is a will and enough love, there will be a way. (I am also counting on the rescue director to ask questions to, if needed.) Good luck with your plans, and I look forward to hearing the discussion on this one!

I have 6, 4 girls and 2 boys. They are so cute when they play. I usually am with them all of the time, but have had surgery and have been in the bed and could not handle them like I usually do. They romp and play with each other all day. When they lay down for a nap, instead of crowding around my feet, they pile up together. Looks like a bear rug. They get along like sisters and brothers...sometimes a little argument breaks out, but it goes away quickly and they go back to being family. The only problem with so many is the time spent grooming. It takes me from 6 to 7 hours per week for the main bath and groom, plus the 2 hours per day for the brushing and maintenance (even if they don't need it, they expect it). Then there is the hour each night for teeth brushing and pre-bed attention. My children are grown so I have the time to devote to them or I could not do it. I can not imagine one without the others...they are so close to each other.
-Marsha A

you mentioned adoption and rescue in your discussions. Are there both in exsistance? If so, how does one get in touch. We have a maltese, Our adorable Fella. He is the love of our life. We have thought about having another. Fella is big, weight 12# but on the thin side, his body is about 1/4 longer than most. He is 14 months, excellent health and full of energy.

Meridith, I brought home a rescue dog to foster about a week and a half ago--a 4-yr-old male. I have been watching him and Lucy pretty carefully to make sure they play nice. At this point (about 10 days), Lucy still tends to ignore him except from time to time when they chase each other around the house. For his part, Carty, thinks I'm his and will try to growl and bite at Lucy when she is near me to move her out of his way. Lucy is SURE she's the princess so she just looks at him like he's nuts and gets on with getting her needs met. I tell Carty no bite, no growl at Lucy and he will just lie down and be quiet--usually on the other side of me. So, we seem to have a truce of sorts going, but not a family yet. I am hoping that as time goes on they will work this all out. At this point, I am just trying to make sure everyone knows they are loved and getting attention and that no one gets hurt. According to my rescue person, they will decide which of them is alpha and I have no input to that. I am still waiting to see how that turns out. So, don't have any long-term info to report, but perhaps this is what you can expect initially. Let me know how it goes for you and I will keep you posted on events here as they unfold.
-cathy brown

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