Help me, I have a sixteen-week old puppy that just won't learn to do his business outside! I am going nuts. He is costing me a fortune..having had my comforter dry-cleaned twice and constant cleaning of my carpet (with cleaners that cost a bundle) etc. etc. In fact, his latest "little" surprise was to cuddle up onto my stomach while I was reading a sooner did I feel a sense of warmth on my stomach (and it wasn't his body heat!!!). My first Maltese was so easy to train. I took him out period ically....every two hours...after every meal....within a week or two, he got the picture and soon he was letting me know when he needed to do his business! I have had this new dog for nine weeks and I have been trying the same approach....the only connection he has made is to pee on the carpet within a few feet of the door....he doesn't let me know....and he goes when and wherever he feels like it (What a King!). I tried training him with Wee-Wee avail, just the ! Sound of rustling plastic as he plays with the pad on the carpet. He sleeps and stays in his crate (which is good) vet told me to leave him in his crate when I don't have that extra "eye" to watch out for him and take him out to pee as soon as I open the door to the crate. She told me that dogs are "den-animals, they don't mess in the place where they sleep"...well, guess what, Peanut ( or "The Nut" as I call him) pees and poops in his crate too! It's awfully pleasant to wake up to a dog who has been sitting in his own (well, I think you get the idea...however graphic it might be). I take him out before I go to sleep and he wakes me at SIX a.m. every morning like clockwork to be let out. Additional info: he's healthy, he hasn't been fixed and he eats and drinks like a horse (not like my other Maltese who eats less than a bird and is still able to survive!...but that's another story). If you can offer me any words of advice, encouragement, anything that will help me maintain my will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, ever so haven't lived until you had a dog pee on your stomach !! -Paula A.