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by Ruben

When my cutie baby Maltese goes on my bed, she likes to dig on top of the sheets, as if she was looking for something. She digs for 5 minutes, it is really cute, but what exactly is she looking for, and is it normal?


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Reuben--This is a "leftover" from the wolf genes. She is just making herself a comfy place to sleep. Many dogs do this and it hearkens back to pre-domesticated days in the den.
-cathy brown

Ruben, I'm not sure if it's normal, but my little girl does it, too. My sister has a small long haired purebred, and she does it, too. Mine also did it on a tiny piece of our carpeting against one wall--just in one spot. Maybe someone has an idea of why they do it. It is adorable!

My Maltese, Bridget, does this too! What I think is funny is when she goes through all that work of making her "nest", and then she goes down to the end of the bed to sleep.

My Lucie "digs" too....only on the bed. Sometimes her fron paws go so fast it looks like she'll dig right through the bed. This happens just about every night.

My aunt has a mix between a poodle and a Lhaso Apso, who also does this. She puts a folded quilt or two down on the floor right next to her bed, for her dog, Maggie, to sleep on. Every night, Maggie digs around in her bed for about an hour!! Her bed has to be just right. She spends all that time, and then jumps up and sleeps on my aunt's bed!! Why????? She is sooo cute!!!!

Our Maggie loves to dig too. She has a metal crate (house) which she digs on frequently. I (Chris) am a performer, and we think that she is starting to pick up on my tap-dancing. She, like all other Maltese, is adorable!
-Jen & Chris

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