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Doting Mom's Confession

by Maria

And now for some comic relief. Admittedly, we're all gaga over our little joy-givers--but do you all sing to your dogs? I have a made-up song (be thankful no AUDIO accompanies this post) that I apparantly sing quite unconsciously. When recent houseguests visited Disney World, their four-year-old, while waiting in line, suddenly belted out:

Sweet Pea TOYA!
Your mother does adore-YA!!!

There are several more stanzas, (some of which end with annoy-ya!) that blessedly went unsung. She then turned to the strangers in line and said, "Sweet Pea, that's my aunt's dog--but I'm not allowed to kiss her on the lips, because sometimes she eats her own POOP!" After 12 hours in the "most magical place on earth," that was the first thing they told us when they got home!


Maria, thats so funny - you really had me laughing out loud. Of course, thats because I can relate. I used to sing to my Casey quite often also as well as (hate to admit it) dance around with her. I don't even have my new girl yet and just yesterday was thinking of a new song to sing to her. YIKES!

My husband is from La, so naturally, he plays the accordian. When he gets it out it song time. All six of them surround him and sing with him. It is a mixture of cajun and doggie. I think that Sarah is my best singer, as well as my best dancer. She does both at the same time. She coos like a dove and makes the neatest sounds. As for my husbands singing, I prefer Sarah's.
-Marsha A.

Don't be embarrased! I play hide-n-seek with my baby. I'll distract him with a ball, then run to hide (in easy spots of course), then he'll come find me - he's really good!!

I sing to Mika all of the time. She loves it. Jackie and Mika
-Jackie Florio

The first night Pixie was home here with us, my husband seranaded her with "..and they called it Puppy Love". My husband sings to the kids before they go to bed every night and Pixie is always up there with them. She loves to be sung to. I've tried to get her to howl with me, but no luck yet. Howling is the best I can do.

I sing to Snowball and make up songs, too. Worse yet, we even waltz together. If anyone every saw me singing and swinging with my Maltese, they'd carry me off to the funny farm. But who cares, Snowball loves it and we have lots of fun.

I often sing to Lucy--one of our favorites: I love you a bushel and a peck... Worse, when she was just a tiny thing, she was so comical when she heard any odd (to her) sounds coming out of a person (sneezing, coughing, etc.) She would stuck her nose right in your face and stare quizically at your mouth. When you sang she tried to stick her tongue in your mouth, So, of course, all my friends were forced into "sing for Lucy" time so they could see how cute this behavior was. We must all be nuts!!! But Lucy loves her songs sung...
-cathy brown

Okay. Guilty as charged on all counts. I sing to my babies, I hum to my babies and I dance with my babies. I always felt so foolish about it I never told anyone. Now I don't feel quite so weird.

Oh thank goodness - I am not goofy - or crazy - It is a wonderful life!

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