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biting and not eating

by rose

I am at my wits end my maltese is about 6 months old he is the cutest thing and very dear to us. But he is in the teething stage and lately when we go to pet him or play with him he automatically bites at us, either our hands, arms, or legs. Could someone tell me if he will outgrow this and how can I make him stop? Another problem he has is he does not want to eat, he currently is on Iams and eagle mixed, which I even mix it with mighty dog brand food (chicken). He of course begs for table food when he sees he is getting none maybe he then will eat his food otherwise he eats nothing. I have tried for weeks now just letting him eat his dog food not giving him anything, he goes to his dish smells it and backs away. Do I starve him until he learns to eat his food? After several hours of not even touching his dish I then throw it away, and maybe give him one milkbone biscuit so he is not hungry going to sleep. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I can not see him staying hungry. We love him so much, and me being a new mommy with him I am not sure what I should? If someone out there in maltese land could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you


My puppies love Iams Lamb and Rice Puppy food. I just leave it down dry all the time when they are young and they eat when they want to. I put the bowl on a throw rug (the one they have shredded) and they will take a piece, lay down on the rug and eat it. They do not eat much at a time, but eat little bits throughout the day. I do not give them any canned dog food, as the vet said it is not good for their teeth. By the way, be sure and brush those teeth, especially if canned food is given. I brush them every night before I go to bed. They really seem to enjoy it as it is another form of attention. Use a soft toothbrush and doggie tooth paste. The biting has to be handled. When they would chew on me I would yelp and say that hurts, no bite. When you yelp, they will stop to look at you as they know something is wrong. Mine quit biteing and began scratching on my legs to get my attention. I had to stop this too. Now Buffy pulls on my shirt when she wants attention. I think all of these little things are to get attention when I am busy. But be firm and consistent and it will stop.
-Marsha A.

Scroll down the list of discussion topics a little and look for the two titled "Unique Biting" and "Will not eat anything." There's some great advice there that I think will help you. Good Luck!

I have a female Maltese, 6 1/2 years old that weighs 5 1/2 pounds now. She has been fed dry, premium food her whole life and never ate too much, maybe 1/2 cup a day, without much relish. Last November I had her teeth cleaned at the vet and they recommended that she begin eating Science Diet T/D, small bites, to help keep her teeth clean. Well, I tell you, this pup has found a food she absolutely LOVES!!! She gained a whole pound and no longer looks like a bony runt. She takes this food all around the house and keeps a piece hidden for "insurance". I moisten it with warm water to make it easier for her to eat. I do not work for Science Diet, I assure you, but I can highly recommend this dog food.
-Lisa & Amanda

Herald can no longer use the excuse that he is teething at 7 months to explain his nipping behavior. I have had to be quite firm about what is acceptable and what is not. He seems to be very "mouthy", alot more so than other dogs I have known. He knows that when I am on the phone I will let him get away with murder and that seems to be the time when he actually jumps up and grabs my hands and clothes. He also spends alot of time chasing my feet and biting. The biting is not really biting, it is more like gentle nibbles. It used to be biting but he has since learned to take it easy. I just continually told him to take it easy and pretended like I was growling at him. Sometimes the stupides stuff seems to work. Good luck.

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