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Anti-Social to other dogs

by Patti

Our dog loves people, but not other dogs (exept for my mother's maltese, Duffy, who he has been around quite often, since he was a pup). He plays and has a great time with Duffy (who is twice his size). I thought by aking him to obiedience school, he would become more social to other dogs. He just ignored them, or rather hid in my arms, with his head tucked under my arm. While in the ring, he did wonderful. The dogs were very friendly, but when they would approach, my dogs barks, and snaps at them. He has done this when seeing other dogs in the park as well. If they stay at a distance he is fine, but if they get too close, he charges at them. It is not just a size thing, as he does this with tiny dogs as well as large ones. Any suggestions? -Patti


Patti - Sounds like your dog is jealous of you paying attention to another dog. You are on the right track with obedience training. What did the instructor say about your dog's actions? Did the instructor offer specific suggestions? If not, find another instructor. Explain the problem you are having before joining another group. Sometimes a class for obedience is aimed more toward competition rather than problem solving. You need to get a handle on this now before your dog ends us getting in a fight and being hurt. In the mean time, if you have a friend with a calm dog, have your dog on leash and sitting by your side while your friend approaches (not too close at first). If your dog behaves, have your friend give him a treat. If he doesn't behave, give him a correction and try again. As his behavior improves, gradually have your friend move closer, always rewarding him for acceptable behavior (sometimes you and sometimes your friend).

Patty -I have the same problem - and my little one is 8 years old and all of 3#'s! He is so good with people - but other dogs any size, he will go after like he is 100#'s - Just recently - he went after a chow and lost that fight - ended up with 7 stiches! I am going to try what Vivian said - try working with him and a calm dog - but like I said, he is 8 - I might have waited to long - Good luck -

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