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tear stains

by Valerie

I was just wondering if anyone has found a safe and effective product to remove the tear stains that form under the eyes on the Maltese dogs. I know of a breeder who uses an antibiotic called Tylan that is used in their water and effectively keeps his dogs from staining, however keeping a dog on antibiotics allows bacteria to become immune to some antibiotics and makes fighting future infections more difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I've learned on another website (sorry!) that it is sometimes helpful to give your Maltese 1/2 of a Tums 1 to 2 times a day. It affects their Ph balance and can help tear staining in some cases. I give one to my little guy and call it his "special treat". It does seem to slow down the browning. Hope it helps!
-Valerie too!

Have tried the "Tum remedy" for almost a year now. Have seen no improvement at all. I did just as it was told. No worky.

We use Panmycin Aquadrops, 100 mg per ml (from vet only). We use five drops a day for 10 days, then wait until staining gets bad again. This is supposed to be a very low level of tetracycline. As I understand, tearing may be from clogged or non-existant tear duct. Vets can operate if this is the reason for the tearing but it is expensive.
-Paul Creager

Flushing the tearducts or opening them surgically is not the expensive part. The anesthetic is what is costly, so if your dog is having something else done ie; spay or dental work ask about having tearducts done at the same time.

I have been using a formula with great success--mix one part 3% hydrogen peroxide (bought at the drugstore--a human product), 1 part white Milk of Magnesia, and thicken to a thick soup consistency. Apply to the tear-stained hair. Avoid getting in the eye. Use perm wrap papers and wrap around the treated hair and band. The next day, break apart the dried mixture, apply a little conditioner to counteract the drying effect (a good human leave-in conditioner, Pet Silk, or Vellus Satin creme) and reapply. It took only two weeks using this to completely clear all eye stain from a puppy. Thereafter, simply try cleaning the eyes 2-3 times a day to avoid restaining.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

I've also had good luck with the MOM/peroxide/corn starch mixture. BTW, I think Linda forgot to mention that you thicken the MOM and peroxide with enough corn starch to form a paste. Since I keep Splitter in a puppy cut with short facial packings, I don't roll the hair up. I just let it dry overnight. Like Linda, I also use human, leave-in hair conditioner on the face once I rinse out the "mixture".

P.S. I also use bottled water since I live in an area with hard, mineraled water. And if you're a smoker like I am, I NEVER smoke, and never have smoked, in my house or around my babies. Not only is it not good for them to breath the secondhand smoke, I think it could also be a contributor to tear-staining (after all, it does stain your hands and your walls and whatever).

I tried the tums, but not the MOM, as the peroxide said not to put it near the eyes. I tried all the safe things that I found to no avail. Finally I just started cleaning their faces a couple of times per day with Johnson's Baby shampoo and water. I also changed from a water bowl to a water bottle. I use a little Pet Silk where the stains used to be so that if their eyes tear, they won't stain and my dogs faces are clear. I think some of the things I tried were irritating their eyes more. They have beautiful clean faces now, and i only wash them every couple of days. (A distributor for the Pet Silk is now listed on the Maltese Only advertisement section.)
-Marsha A.

I have been using 20 volume creme peroxide that you can get at a beauty supply store. Its thick and stays were you put it. I hold my doggy still and leave it set for about and minute and then shampoo it off. Seems to work pretty good. This peroxide is stronger than the 3 o/o from the drug store so works faster. I also use a hair polisher by "Rusk" than make his coat shine and calm down the fullness. Also makes for combing out a lot easier and it smells great! My pup does not seem to have any adverse reactions to either product.

Has anyone tried white clown make-up? It's grease paint and not only covers the stain keeps the new tears from staining.
-cis rose

i use stuff from the pet store called tear away and you put it on w/a q-tip and it takes one or two times to work!!! But it does it!!!

In the 2 years that I have had my 4 year old Lucie, I have tried several different eye stain removers. The one that I have found that works the best is called " Eye Clear " by Gimborn. It comes in a small white plastic bottle and is easy to apply.

Has anyone tried a prdocut called "conceal" by Bio Groom? It's a white cream that you put on the area to conceal the stains & seal the hair against future staining. It was recommended by the teacher of our Puppy Kindegarten class.
-Carole W.

My vet just suggested tonight that I use one drop of Visine daily in each of my Maltese's eyes. Has anyone tried this? Any success? I thought I remembered reading that someone tried applying the Visine with a cotton ball directly to the red staining under the eyes. Any advice???

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