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Bump On the Neck

by Amy T

First of all, I want to thank all of those people that have been answering my questions on the post. I really appreciate it!!! Now I just found out another problem with one of my two Maltese. This morning, my husband noticed Puddin had a bleeding spot on her neck. The bleeding has stopped, but the whole area feels like a small golf ball. We gently squeezed the area and Puddin did not feel hurt. Last year, Puddin was given a Rabies shot by this newly hired vet. Somehow she couldn't control Puddin while administering the shot and the needle stayed on Puddin's neck for one minute. We noticed that ever since then, she has a small bump. We asked this other vet. All he said was that she might have a localized reaction towards the shot. We thought everything should be alright then. I am sorry to take up so much space on this post. Could any one of you out there please let me know what is going on before Puddin's appointment tomorrow morning?? I just cannot wait and I am very upset.


Our baby, Charlee, would get a big lump when she got her shots. The vet determined that she was having a reaction to the serum. He now gives her prednesone before the shot, and puts DMSO on the shot area after the shot and she does not get the reaction anymore. Ask your vet about some DMSO for the area where the lump is. The vet definately needs to see this, as it needs to be treated.
-Marsha A.

Sounds like an absess of some sort. Your dog's vet will probably lance it and administer antibiotics to prevent spread of infection. You are doing the right thing taking her to the vet--it can easily be cleared up if it is an absess, but it must be treated. (My very first dog 20 years ago came to me with an absess--she had chewed on plants apparently and had a sticker lodged in her throat. It absessed; the vet lanced it; she recovered easily and fully.) Good luck and let us know what it turns out to be.)
-Linda (Snow Angel)

I posted a message on the board on July 11 regarding the bump on my Maltese's neck. I thank those people for replying to my message.

I took my Maltese - Puddin to the vet this morning. I told him about the bump that had been there on her neck since she had the Rabis shot last year. I also told him that yesterday how my husband noticed that her bump on the neck started to bleed.

This is what I found out through the vet. She does not have any infection. Currently, the size of the bump is reduced and the whole area almost feels like a blister. What the vet told us was to monitor the bump and see him in two weeks. If the bump is still there in two weeks, he will incise the skin and take the bump out.

I am very much scared at this moment. Puddin is only one year old and I love her dearly. I am just hoping this is not a tumor of some kind. Again, if anyone of you out there can share your knowledge with me, I certainly would really appreciate it!!
-Amy T.

Hello, I have a female maltese Pillie and she's almost 8 mos. When I took her to the vet for her rabies shot she also got a bump right after. I asked the nurse what had happenend and she said that it was from the shot to just massage it every day and it would go away. I have been doing it every morning after I clean her eyes and ears and it has gone down alot, allmost to nothing. I also massage it at night when I brush her. This worked for me, I hope it helped some how. Take Care, Jeanne
-Jeanne Friend-Camblin

Our little Maxie is 3 months and has a small bump we think from the first shots. The Vet says not to worry and on the next serie he is going to give her benodril along with the shot. Hopefully this works as Maxie is much cuter than your dog :-)
-Deana Rainey

Geppetto developed a lump on his neck at the site of his rabies shot. His new vet took a culture, just to be sure it was nothing really terrible. Turned out to be-- nothing terrible-- just a reaction from the rabies shot. I have been massaging it gently (which Geppetto loves), and the lump seems to be going away.
-Deb Bert

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