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ear infection?

by nicky

My baby alway have blackish stuff in his ear. We clean it every other day and yet,it turn very dirty when we clean it 2 days later. How often do we need to clean the ear. Thanks for the help.


Continually "dirty" ears is usually a sign of either ear mites or a yeast infection. I'm not a vet, and don't pretend to be, but I'd definitely have them checked. We use either Tresaderm or Conofite depending on the particular ailment to treat these problems if the occur.
-Larry Stanberry Divine Maltese

I agree with Larry, this dog needs to go to the vet. Also, I have seen people try to clean a dogs ears with q-tips. Q-tips are to clean the outer portion of the ear. If used in the inner part it will push more dirt into the ear than remove it. If you use Q-tips ask the vet to show you how while you are there.
-Marsha A.

Thanks for the reply, were going to the vet right away!!!!!

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