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Carrying the maltese pup

by Susan Jalleh

I would really like to know if by carrying my 4 mths old pup too much will it affect it's growth. My 6 year old son loves carying her. Is it ok? But I always told him to be gentle with her.


It is a wonder Prissy learned how to walk. She was our first and was always in someones arms. I don't think it hurt her at all. They love attention.
-Marsha A.

Sorry. My maltese is 2 mths not four months.
-Susan Jalleh

8 weeks is different. At 8 weeks I would still have my puppies with mom, and not being picked up much at all. Only to assist in cleaning duties, and when necessary, and then only by me.. They are still so fragile at this time, that I limit it to petting, and sitting on the floor and letting them climb in my lap and play. I do not allow the Grandchildren to handle them at all at this age. When they are 12 to 15 weeks old my husband and I carry them more and allow them to sit on my oldest Granddaughter's lap after she is already sitting down on the floor. This gets them used to children and being held before they leave for new homes.
-Marsha A.

Susan, When Lucy was a baby she almost HAD to be carried a lot of the time. I would travel from upstairs to downstairs and back again, and she couldn't be left out of view for potty training purposes, then when that wasn't an issue she whined. Until she was finally big enough to negotiate the stair and to actually do it without fear, she spent 90% of the time in my arms or on my lap. Come to think of it, most of her walking was done outdoors on potty jaunts! She's fine and health and walks, runs, jumps etc. these days, so I wouldn't worry if I were you.
-cathy brown

I would strongly advise against a 6 year old carrying around an 8 week old pup. You should see to it that your son only hold the pup while sitting down low to the floor. It only takes 1 second for that pup to squirm out of your sons arms and on to the floor. I know of a case where this happened to a maltese pup being dropped from only about 4 feet. Not a happy ending. Please have your son only hold the pup under your supervision and not to carry the pup around.

I strongly advise against letting your 6 year old carry your puppy around. I hate to admit this but Lily was dropped a few times as a puppy by children much older. I even dropped my mothers puppy, thank God she was okay. Maltese puppies have a unique way of flipping right out of your arms when you least expect it. Especially when your getting ready to put them down. They tend to leap to the floor before your ready. Let him hold and play with her on the floor. Maltese love children. I thank goodness I have a 3 year old son who plays with Lily. I don't think I could keep up with her play drive on my own. Also be careful about your son stepping on or tripping over your puppy. Lily made me a nervous wreck as a puppy. She loves to chase peoples feet and I was so afraid of my son, then two, falling on her. A child I babysat fell on my 8 weekold kitten. I'll just say that story didn't have a happy ending and has made me forever paranoid. Treat your puppy as if it were an 8 week human infant and use the same judgement as you would for an infant. Enjoy your puppy and give him a big kiss from me and Lily!

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