Maltese-specific Books

Can anyone recommend a good Maltese-specific book? I purchased a book simply entitled "Maltese" by t.f.h. Publications, advertised as being the 'best-selling Maltese book'. What a jip! The book is maybe 1/5 Maltese, i.e. standard, other easily obtainable information; the rest is just generic dog info. I did look at several books on Maltese at the last dog show I attended but found them to be either dated or lacking in basic information such as diet, allergies specific to our breed, skin sensitivities (the itchies), training, etc.; or they seem to be written more for the breeder and exhibitor. While that info. is good, what I'm looking for is the information that the person new to the breed needs. Like whether or not to give them turkey! (white meat only ok in small portions occasionally; but rest is too rich, and potentially dangerous; who knew?) or about the particular skin ailments prone to our little white doggies... how they tend to be finicky eaters... you know, all the! little quirks we love about them! Thx ;-)
Laurie B.