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Help with bows.

by Don Ivener

We are fortunate to have two wonderful maltese 'children'. However our groomer has NO ability to make small bows. I know they can be bought at some shows, and some sources would be appreciated. Maybe someone can tell me how to make them. Your help is appreciated.


Don, There is some info on places where folks got bow in a post that is in the archives. Not sure of the topic, but look for some questions re topknots and info is probably in one of them. It has been discussed in the past couple of months. Also, I noticed in the classified section of Dog Fancy a few places where one could get bows, so you might check those out. One of the things I tried for Lucy (which she didn't like very much, but...) were little baby bows that have velcro to hold them when you wrap them around 2 strands of infant hair, I thought they were adorable but the "child" managed to get them off in about 3 seconds flat.
-cathy brown

Dear Don, It is probably going to be almost impossble for someone to explain to you verbally (virtually ?) how to make these itsy bitsy things. This is the supplier that I use- Fantasy Farms, Website http://pages.prodigy.com/hermann/fantasybows.html or fax/answering machine at 360-734-9571. I was lucky to find a breeder at a show who had the patience to show me how to do these but now that I do know how I'd rather buy the darn things.You get a wider choice of sizes, colors,styles,quality and you can even get them with clips on the back that seem to be easier on thier hair.Not to mention the fact that your fingers ar'nt in spasm for the rest of the day. I'm sure other people have other suppliers that they'd be happy to share .Good luck and happy bow hunting!

Are you talking about bows for show or bows to make your pet Maltese look cute at home? There is a difference.

Do you want to make a pair of small bows for the double topknots or do you want to make a larger single topknot? The technique is the same--they just take different size ribbons.

Let me know and I can give you the info. People have told me my Maltese bows are some of the nicest they've seen and I'll be glad to give you some advice if I know what you want to make.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

I just had my dogs clipped and the groomer put two little bows over each ear as their top knots were trimmed. She mad them from yarn, mixing three different colors. They are adorable, and they actually stay in their hair. I will ask her to give me the directions on how to do it, and send you an e-mail. I used clips and bands when their hair was longer, but they pulled them out as quickly as I put them in. Evidently these bows don't pull, and they are so light weight that they don't even act as if they know they are there.
-Marsha A.

Marsha, If you get some directions for the yarn bows, I'd like to try them too. From the sound of it, the "kids" might not notice that they are there and will leave them alone. Hallelujah! E-mail me if you can. I'd really appreciate it.
-cathy brown

I have given up on bows and now just keep my female's top hair short and simple, but before I gave up on the classic Maltese double top knot, I started buying tiny hairclips (for children) and those worked well. You can get them at any drug/variety store and they usually come in a pack of about 10, with 5 of each color. That way you can change them often, as the color mood suits you. They work well.

The bow question was also driving me crazy. I wanted a bow that would stay up and stay put for at least a few hours in any color I wanted, so I went to Walmart and bought some ribbons and shaped them into bows, folding them over on themselves and then sewing the pieces together with another piece of ribbon around the middle, its hard to explain but it took less then 10 minutes, and then I attatched these to tiny hair bands, (you know, the elastic pony tail kind) and just sewed them right on, and voila!!! perfect ribbons and in any color I want, and best of all they are difficult to remove, so the hair stays up and off Herald's face for the day.

Don, If you are interested in everyday bows, a good source is:

NE SERUM (New England Serum Co) 800 637-3786
A package of 100 assorted color satin bows are $13.70 ( tell your groomer also) Show bows are very expensive ($4.00+ for two) It is fun to make them yourself. If you are inclined, the Ne Serum bows may inspire you.

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