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Champion Title?

by Elsie

Can someone tell me if the requirements to finish a Maltese is universal in all countries? For example, is there a difference in the amount of points needed for a Champion US Maltese versus a Champion German,Sweden,Japan,Canadian, etc. one?


Point systems and methods of earning a championship vary from country to country. In the US, a dog needs 15 points, including 2, 3-point majors (earned under two different judges) to finish its championship.

In Canada, a dog must earn a total of 10 points.

In the US, a non-champion can earn points for a Group 1 win and/or Best-in-Show win from the classes. No points are given for Group 2,3, or 4 wins.

In Canada, dogs are awarded points also for Group 2, 3, and 4 wins, in addition to the points for the Group 1. Technically, a Maltese could finish its championship in Canada never competing against another Maltese, by simply placing in the toy group a number of times. It would be harder to accomplish that in the US, as 3 or 4 Group 1 wins would be necessary.

Hopefully someone can fill you in on reqirements in some other countries.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

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