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Tear Staining

by George

I have a 3yr old maltese and his eyes are all red from tear staining. What do I do????


Yes, I'd like some information on tear staining as well. Our "soon to be adopted" new babies (now 7 weeks old) have brown tear staining. I've hear baking soda with water (?) What should you use to clean up their fur around the eye area???

Hi, George and Joanne, This is such a common problem with our babies. If you look on Jay's home page, scroll down the left column, you will find a good article on tear staining. Also, do a search in the Maltese archives, there's a whole lot there from past bulletin boards. Also, more currently, if you scroll down this page, there are two or three more recent posts about this problem. Good luck!
-Marsha O & Jazz

I've been using Super Blue Plus (waterless blue shampoo, needs no rinsing) I ordered from Dr.s Foster and Smith catalog. It works really well for my dog. Leaves the hair nice and smooth. No more icky brown clumps on the hair either. You can get the phone number for the catalog on the MalteseOnly page. Good luck!

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