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by Eugene Johnson

Maltese Lovers: I have a female maltese thats about a year old now (my first one) and had her cut down by the local groomer for the first time. Now her hair is starting to get a little long again, so I went out and purchased a pet clipper with guides and decided to do it myself. "WHAT A MISTAKE' The clipper just got hung up in the soft hair and jammed the clipper and of course I was unable to give her a haircut. What do the pros who have had maltese dogs do to cut the fine , thick coat that is so prevelant on these pooches. Do I have to keep taking Molly to the Hairdresser every time she needs the beauty treatment. My wife is jealous, says the dog gets more attention. Any help will be appreciated.


Eugene - I keep my dogs I'm not showing in a modified Schnauzer cut and use an Oster A5 clipper with a #10 blade. You can get an Oster through just about all of the pet catalogs or at any dog show. I don't know what kind of clipper you bought or which blade you were using but with a good clipper and a good, sharp blade you shouldn't have any problem grooming your dog yourself. It's really quite easy, will save you a lot of money, and your dog will be much more comfortable with you doing it rather than a stranger.
-Vivian - Fantasia Maltese

Eugene, I too had the same problems you mentioned with clipping the hair the first time. Don't give up! Keep trying. It took a few terrible haircuts before I got the knack but now the cuts are exceptable. My Lydia always shook and breathed hard for the rest of the day after coming home from the groomers but she can't wait for me to do it. She paws my legs while I am grooming Tucker and I have to put her up on the counter with him. Do you have a video that shows how to use your clipper? Always brush out the hair first, bathe the dog and comb out the hair again and let dry before clipping. The longer the hair the more it wants to clog (for me). Frequently keep the clipper brushed out with the supplied little brush and keep the blade oiled after every use. Try to do a little area at a time and not get too much hair at once in the clipper. It took many short sessions running the clippers before Lydia settled down to enjoy them. She had been terrified of them. Good Luck, if I can do it you can too.
-Donna Skaggs

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