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Will not eat anything

by kenny jarels

My maltese will not eat any of the dry dog food and I have tried all the popular brands. I guess my last resort is to start feeding him can dog food, because the little guy has to eat something. Any suggestions?


I have the same problem with Lily. I used to soak her food, then offer her a bisquit afterward to clean her teeth. That would've worked well if she would only eat the bisquit, (but she wouldn't) So now I either mix just a spoonful of canned with her dry, or I put a little gravy on her dry. They have a gravy just for dogs available at Pet Depot. I'm sure it's available elsewhere.

Kenny - Have you talked to you vet about you dog not eating? That would be my first option just incase there is something physically wrong. If everything check out OK there, you might try putting some dry food in the blender & chopping it fine then mix it with a little canned food or with some cooked ground beef or a Maltese all time favorite - chicken cooked any way. If that doesn't work, let us know and we'll try something else..
-Vivian -Fantasia Maltese

When I first got Prissy, she was such a picky eater. She would nibble at her dry food, so my husband and I would bake chicken and feed her. I finally took her to the vet, and he told me that she would never eat her food if we kept feeding her chicken and that it was very important for her health that she eat her food. He said to put her food down and when she was hungry she would eat, as she was a very healthy puppy. We used Iams Lamb and rice puppy food. I put her food down as he said, one bowl with boiled water over it and one with dry food in it. She still nibbled on it, but evidently this was all she wanted to eat. She is now a grown healthy dog that loves her Iams. What is funny is now I have to limit how much food she can have as she has a tendancy to get overweight. Some dogs just don't require a lot of food. If the vet says your dog is healthy, don't be concerned over a slight eater. I also give my dogs neutra cal for extra vitamins and minerals.
-Marsha A.

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