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Urinating problem?

by Robert

I have an 8 year old named Prince who sleeps next to our bed on the second floor of our home. He usually goes on his wee wee pad which is located on the ground floor but every morning just before I awake he urinates on our carpeted hallway or in the living room on the first floor on a wooden floor. All other times he goes right on his wee pad (even during the night)? We use natures miracle to clean the carpet/floor but he keeps up the behavior. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks, Robert


I really don't have much advise for you, because about a week ago we adopted Bo Bo who is seven and she is used to going on newspaper, but ever since we brought her home she just does it all over the house. I was wondering if a wee wee pad really works, or if there were any other ways we could train her??

I don't know about the rest of the Maltese out there but my two forget their house training whenever there is a slight change in their routine. I am not surprised to hear of newly aquired dogs doing the same thing. Yes, the wee-wee pads work great. I had trained my dogs first on newspaper because it was free, but have switched to the human pads because they are less expensive than the doggy pads that have the urine smell impregnated in them. The pads are much more sanitary than newspaper because they are absorbent and have a plastic layer underneath. Sometimes it still leaks through, but overall it is much easier than newspaper. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that if having a PERFECTLY housetrained dog is what a person demands then they are going to be sorely dissapointed. I think people need to expect occasional mishaps and take it in stride. Good Luck!
-Donna Skaggs

Sorry, but I disagree. I can't stand it to think the dog will have an accident more than once a year, tops. That is why I always stick with training them to go outside only. Then there is no room for confusion. I am never mean or harsh, I just know from personal experience that dogs can be completely housebroken and the sooner, the better.

Hello! I wrote in a few weeks back about potty training my 'Ellii'. I couldn't decide whether to train her to go outside or use a wee pad. She just wasn't getting with the program. I decided to train her to go outside. There is no more confusion. She is doing great. I also crate her at night. She is 4 months old and she has had no messes in her crate at all for about a week now. I felt bad about crating her, but it really does work. I would guess that restructuring his sleeping habits and place would be neccesary if the only time he is doing it is at night. Good luck!
-Jeannie C. Fanning

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