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Behavior Problem !

by Karen

My 5 month old maltese (Freckles), growls, barks and sometimes bites other people's shoe laces or pants. Just this morning I was walking Freckles and he chomped onto someone's jeans. This man was very upset with me and told me to get him trained or to put him down! I did have Freckles on a lead but because we passed each other on the side walk, Freckles had a chance to get close to him. Is his behavior a result of not enough social time with other dogs? Could anyone help me with this problem?


My dogs, two of them like to run behind me and nip at my legs, and sometimes jump a little higher. It was o.k. when they were little, but they are now grown. I now turn around and tell them no no and that it is not nice, and they are stopping. Never underestimate the brilliance of these dogs. When they do something you don't like, bend down and point their face toward yours and tell them no-no. I talk to mine as if they were human, and they respond as if they are.
-Marsha A.

Sounds like Freckles is being a typical teenager. Pixie is 5 months old now and has started growling at things she never growled at. She doesn't bite on anyone though. The panting is sometimes a sign that the dog wants to play, but any behaviour you don't want can be communicated to your dog, it's the alpha way. There are a couple interesting and helpful books out there you may want to check out. If you read my post 'Nose Hugs', you'll find the information there.

Sounds as though a puppy obedience class would be of help for your little one. Unacceptable behavior can be resolve with the help of a good instructor.
-Cherie Eno

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