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free sample offers

by Jay


Company Number
Kibble Select Dog Food Sample 1-800-FREE-360
Nurture Dog Food Sample 1-800-705-2111
Pedigree Puppy Care Package 1-800-362-5700
Purina Dog or Puppy Chow Sample 1-800-551-3636 Ext. 321
Purina One Dog Food Sample 1-800-787-0078
PetGuard Premium Dog Food Sample 1-800-874-3221
Triumph Dog Food Sample 1-800-331-5144
Fit-n-Frisky Weight Management Guide 1-800-793-7546
Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Sample 1-800-652-0330
Lipiderm Anti-itch Product Coupon 1-800-888-3858
Nurture Lamb & Rice Dog Food Sample 1 (800) 705-2111


Thanks a bunch. I wanted to try a couple of these, and now I can. Called one and ordered already. Wonder if they do bulk samples for larger crowds. haha
-Marsha A.

That is great! Can any other companies give out some samples of dogs shampoos or hair care items? Judy

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