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Nose getting pink

by Doreen

Gail ( a friend ) asked if I would post this question: ........."My 3 yr old Maltese who once had a big black nose seems to be loosing pigment. There was a slight loss last summer, with a few scabs in winter. Now with more sunlight it is getting very pink near his nostrils. Our Vet saw nothing wrong. Is he missing something?"....I couldn't help her. Has anyone experienced this?


Doreen- Some Maltese have stronger pigment than others and some who have very dark pigment as puppies seem to fade as they get older. If your vet says there is nothing physically wrong, you might try adding some Kelp to your dogs diet. You can get liquid at the health food stores or get the pellets and the dog shows or thru a mail order catalog.
-Vivian-Fantasia Maltese

My dog trainer said that plastic dishes can wear the pigment off your dog's nose. You might want to try using the stainless steel or ceramic bowls.

Thanks Karen and Vivianne, I forgot about Kelp. I will see Gail tomorrow and bring some for her little Benny and tell her about the plastic dishes. I used the Kelp pellets before my first litter 2 yrs. ago. For some reason, that I don't remember, I stopped using it for my dogs. The liquid sounds more convenient but I think the lady from Tarpon Springs now has a granule that may be easier to use also. Thanks for reminding me ! I hope this works for Benny. Gail was very worried.

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