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tear stains

by Ryan Williams

Is colloidal silver good as far as eliminating tear stains?If so, where do you buy it, what brand and how much do you use? Would you please e-mail me, I'm new to the computer--e-mail # is Ryan8909@aol.com -- Thank you very much, Ryan


Ryan, Welcome aboard! Check the archives 'cause tear staining is a popular entry on this board. Also read the article on tear staining (get it on Jay's home page by scrolling down the left side and clicking on it). I haven't used it myself, but others have and will know how where to get it. I think it's pretty expensive. Recently someone posted a note that they were having good luck with blue waterless shampoo (that post is still on the main page--I think it was Vicki).
-cathy brown

Ryan - Tear staining is something all Maltese people face at one time or another and there are as many solutions as there are problems. After much trial and error I have come up with a system that works 90% of the time for me. First of all, you must live with the staining until your puppy has all of his permanent teeth. It's best to wait until they are 1 year old. At that time I give them 50 mg, tetracycline once a day for 30 days. That normally stops the staining. Then you can either wait for the stain to grow out or bleach it out. If that does not stop the staining, the next step is to have the tear ducts flushed. Consult with your vet before giving your dog any medications so he is aware of any treatments your dog is getting. Good luck and keep us posted.
-Vivian-Fantasia Maltese

The tear stains come from bacteria working on the tears, this produces the red color. bacteria cant live in the presence of colloidal silver, it works like an antibiotic. You can buy it at most health food stores, you can also order it from Marina Zacharias, P.O. Box 1436, Jacksonville, Oregon 97530 541-899-2080 email ambrican@cdsnet.net She will give you a lot of help on herbal and homeopathic products. I have used a few, and had good results. The colloidal silver comes in different strengths so you need to find out what strength to use, but it does stop the red color from tearing in dogs with that problem, it is the best thing I have used for the problem. They do stain more when they are cutting and loseing their teeth, keeping the hair out of the eyes helps a lot. I have six maltese of various ages and none of them have a staining problem. One even has closed tear ducts, but with the colloidal silver occasionally and the hair trimmed or tied up she has very little problem. Hope this helps someone.

Try bottled water versus tap water -- our vet recommended it and it has really helped.
-Mary Ann

We had a really difficult tear staining problem but it was cured dramatically when a vet gave us an equine antibiotic to use .(a sprinkle a day with his food). Our new vet has advised us to stop because it will destroy the dog's ability to fight infections. We have stopped and so far the staining has not resumed. if it does, we'll just have to wash his face and see if this works. Otherwise, we are awaiting someone's miraculous cure. Jan

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