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Doggie clothing

by Patti

I'm curious, how many owners dress their dogs up in doggie clothes? I confess, I do, or rather my daughter does, in sweaters, sweatsuits, leather jackets, attitude t-shirts, etc. Anyone else?


I don't dress them up in clothes, but I do have one of those doggy pouches that carry them on your belly like a baby. Lydia loves to go in it, but Tucker doesn't have one yet. Don't know if I could persuade my burly husband to use it. I have a great picture of Lydia in it.
-Donna Skaggs

Donna, Will you please email me. I'd like to hear more about the doggy pouch. Thanks. Sharon

Patti, I confess I dress both my maltese in clothes, I have a variety of different t-shirts that they wear. They seem to enjoy having them on, and I think they look so cute.

The doggie pouch is great after that third pup comes along. You can carry all three. I like to put bows in my dogs hair, load them into their twin stroller and go out for a stroll. Really causes a comotion at the mall. They attract more attention than 1/2 price sale at Dillards and they love it.
-Marsha A.

Hi, I want to know more about the doggie pouch. If anone could e-mail me on how much they cost, and where I could get them. I want to get one for Jay(my dog).

You can purchase the doggy pouch at Drs. Foster and Smith. Look on page 20 of the volume 5 catalog. Take time for your doggy to get used to the idea. Lydia wiggled so much I couldn't get her in at first but once she realized it wouldn't hurt her she likes it. When I get a good picture of Tucker too I'll send the picture of Lydia in her pouch to Jay to put on his online photo album.
-Donna Skaggs

Thanks for the reply. I purchased our "Pet Pouch" through Foster and Smith $24.95 Comes in: Small (Up to 3 lb dogs) Medium (4-9lb) and Large (10-18 lbs) in Red Black or Blue. Item# 6L-7043, Call Toll-free 1-800-826-7206. They work great for biking too! -Patti

Several years ago, I dressed my Maltese, Marpesa Rose up in a Santa suit and hat, and photographed her. She looked so cute, that every Christmas we put the picture up on the refrigerator. Well, three years ago, at age 14, we had to put Marp to sleep. After weeks of tears, I vowed never to have another dog. However, the following Christmas, up went the photo. Well, every time I walked past, I sniffed how much I missed that dog. Come Christmas morning, my children, then 5 and 11, presented me with (SURPRISE!) Lilibit Rose, in a sock and with a bow on her tiny head! These children had used all their savings, over $500, to buy me a Maltese puppy. Well, she can't take Marp's place, but she has made her own in my heart. And just think, if I hadn't dressed up the dog that day, I'd have no one to crowd me off my pillow every night! Blossom

Hi Pattie,How are you??I don't dress up my dog in humane clothing but rather I buy all sorts of dog clothing, (hats, coats, rugs etc..)I live in Australia and would love to know where abouts I can purchase a puppy pouch.Does it look silly wearing on of these with a little pooch in it?? Thanks.

Lauren, thanks for the reply, your e-mail address did not work so I am responding here. My husband wouldn't bike along side of me when we first started using it for Buster, but after he got used to people saying how cute it was, we now ride side by side. Our dog is 5 lbs. I saw an earlier post on the Maltese site, that said Maltese were slightly bigger in Australia? How big is your dog? If the dog was too heavy, it might get a little harder to bike with him in front of you. I could e-mail you a picture as a JPEG image, or put in a WORD document and send as an attachment if you can handle that, let me know. Write if you get a chance, I love to hear from fellow Maltese owners!

I purchased our "Pet Pouch" through Foster and Smith $24.95 Comes in:Small(Up to 3 lb dogs) Medium (4-9lb) and Large (10-18 lbs) in Red Black or Blue.Item# 7Q-7043, International Fax(?) orders: 001-1-715-369-2821. They work great for biking too! -Patti

Look for Lady Lydia's picture in the photo album. You will see what the pet pouch looks like in use. Thanks Jay.
-Donna Skaggs

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