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by Tom

Lucy (9 months) develops a hoarseness in her breathing once in awhile. Anyone experience this and know the cause?


My two Maltese do this too occasionally. Check out the Discussion Archives, I think awhile back somebody posted something on this, saying it was fairly common and not harmful. I was afraid they had asthma, but evidently there is no danger to their health. I was glad to see that posting, because I had worried, and now my mind is at ease.

My vet described this condition as a collapsing of the windpipe. She says it is not serious because the windpipe is very elastic in a dog the size of a maltese. She says the windpipe is very small and when Maltese (and other toy breeds) get excited or eat to fast, the windpipe will collapse. The gagging sound you hear is the muscles acting to put the windpipe back in place. What my wife and I do, is to calm our dog down by talking softly to him and gently petting him until he calms down. This works great.
-Chuck Norman

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