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by Tonya

I broused through the archives but didn't see anything that answers my question. So I'll toss it out for suggestions--perhaps again.

I've never had a dog that required "extensive" grooming before Splitter. She now goes to the professional groomer every 6-7 weeks and that is fine. However, now that my family may be expanding by one or two additional Maltese, the idea of shelling out $30 per dog every 6 weeks has me concerned. I'd like to do the grooming myself.

Although I've purchased a book on grooming in general and have a couple of books on Maltese (not specifically about grooming), I think I would learn more from a video. A video about grooming Maltese in particular would be even better. A video about grooming a Maltese in particular and aimed at the grooming beginner would be the ideal.

Does anyone know of such a video and if so, can you point me in the right direction? Although I am quite happy with the way my groomer trims Splitter, perhaps I would be able to communicate with a professional groomer better if I was more informed (even if I decide not to do it myself on a regular basis in the future).


Tonya, I have never seen such a video, but let us pray that a groomer, breeder, handler--someone familiar with the fine art of grooming our children--reads your post and decides it is a great way to help out maltese owners and make a little cash besides. Anyone out there listening..my son used to make videos professionally as part of his job and I'll bet I could convince him to shoot it for you!
-cathy brown

Dear Tonya, You are in luck, such a tape does exist. Greg and Tammie Larson, who are very well known professional handlers, have a Grooming video, specifically for maltese. The tape can be ordered for $34.00, (includes shipping) from:
Gregory and Tammarie Larson
3541 Quarry Avenue N.
Anoka, MN 55303

I have ordered the tape and it is very good. It not only covers show grooming, it also deals with pet clips, nail cutting etc. Hope this helps, it has been a great help to me.
-Bonita Greene

Please, any suggestion on what shampoo to use on my maltese, seems I can't find a good one with conditioner for dog's use. I know a lady with the same dog, she uses human shampoo.

Tes, human shampoo has a different PH than dog shampoo, and is not good for a dog's coat. Three shampoo/conditioner product lines I have heard frequently recommended for Maltese are Nova Pearls, Pet Silk and Coat Handlers. I have been using Nova, and like it fairly well, especially the spray on moisturizer. I was also recently told that it's hard to recommend the appropriate product, because one would have to see the texture of the baby's hair. I plan to try the other 2 products and just see which works best for Jazz's coat. Good luck!
-Marsha O & Jazz

I've also been looking for a video on grooming my Maltese myself, and I was really happy to see the post on the video. the only problem is that I keep my dog in a puppy cut, and it seems that video is for show grooming. I don't think it would do me much good. Does anyone know of a video for grooming Maltese in a puppy cut? Thanks, Lisa
-Lisa Ruderman

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