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Colloidal Silver

by Pam

Please, somebody tell me for sure how this colloidal silver is to be applied. I have read everything on this wonderful maltese site, and I can find no definitive answer as to whether it is to be applied externally (that is on the stain, or perhaps, in the eye), or is it to be taken orally? I have read everything in the archives, the current discussion, and also Jay's section on eye-staining. Nothing tells me how to use this stuff. I read about it this morning, went out at lunch and bought a bottle for $13.99, and then realized I don't know how to use this stuff and when I got to reading for specifics, it doesn't sound like anybody else does either. Please answer quickly, so I can get started cleaning up my Scarlett's eyes this weekend. Thanks!!


GOOD LUCK! I have asked this same question a million times. Noone seems to KNOW the answer. All I've ever gotten are a lot of "you could", "maybe", "probably", and "try this...". I have the same problem and would like to try this product, but I don't want to take any chances. If ANYONE knows EXACTLY how this is applied, please let us know! Pam, I really do hope you get an answer to this one!

Unfortunately 99% of the people who sell CS no nothing about it. I have instructions given to me when I requested information.I am afraid however, someone who does not know anything about it or the risks, it could do harm....and of course, it worries me where you purchased the silver and what dosage. I would hate to see someones Maltese have problems because of this post..... I know it can be dangerous and is a clean white face worth the risk? Evidently to some people, however in a novices hands, it could be like a weapon, just as anything that is abused can be. Just not enough research in the eye stain department with it, and those that have used it successfully aren't tellin'!

I have found the best thing for tears is to wash the face during the day. I wash with plain old Johnsons baby shampoo and then dry completely. Then apply a little pet silk to the hair away from the eyes. The silk keeps the new tears from staining. I wash faces three to four times per day on two of my dogs. The others have stopped tear staining completely now. I found that all of the preperations I was trying seemed to be making it worse. Now they are clearing up beautifully. A clean face is a healthy face.
-Marsha A.

I can tell you what my family Dr. and a pharmacy has told me about colloidal silver. Back in the 1920's and 30's before antibiotics this product was used for minor infections and it worked. I used it about 6 months ago and I believe it helps with eye stain. It is a slow process, I spray 2 sprays each morning and evening inside my dogs lip as it is best to be obsorbed thru the mouth. (40 pumps = 1 teaspoon) so the very most I have given is 1/10 of a teaspoon per day. I saw results after doing this for about a month. Now that the staining has stopped I am only cleaning the eyes daily and rewrapping the face. It is very important that it be kept at room temp.,shaken well, and left in the brown or cobal blue bottle it is distributed in. This product is dangerous because it is silver in a liquid form and if too much is taken by even humans it is toxic/POISON. It also says on the bottle to keep the bottle away from a magnetic fields. I only have given this to a dog that weighes 5 1/2 lbs and over 18 months old. I have heard some people put this in the dogs eyes I have never done that. On the bottle it was distributed in it says 99.999% pure silver particles of less than 0.001 microns in diameter and distilled water. It also says with humans to hold it in your mouth as long as possible before swallowing the colloidal silver. Again this is how I used it and my dog still tears only now I don't have staining with the tearing. You still have to clean out the corner of their eyes daily and keep hair out of their eyes with top-knots.
-Cheryl Shoemaker

The colloidal silver I used is only 1ppm, very weak. I do put a drop in each eye occasionally but I usually put it on the hair that is stained, and any new tearing is not affected by the bacteria that causes the red stains because they are killed. It doesnt seem to have done any harm. but there are several strengths, so I would advise using the weakest, but ask your vet before you do. you can call Marina Zacharias a health care product supplier at 541-899-2080 and ask their advise. They are very helpful and should be able to steer you in the right direction. This is only a suggestion about what i found to help. A friend used the same strength to clear up a very resistant ear infection after using several products from her vet, so thats all I can tell you.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I sure don't want to hurt my babies, just for the sake of a clean face, however, I also don't have time to wash their faces 3 or 4 times per day. I may try spraying it in their mouths, since someone had done that without causing any harm to their Maltese. Thanks again, and Jay, I like the new look to the site. You do a better job of maintaining a web site than anybody else I have ever seen. Thanks!!

It is important that you use the right one with this product. You must use the one with very tiny particles of the silver. The ones with the larger ones can injure the eyes, also do not penatrate as well on wounds. For the eyes it can be used several times a day, the more often it is used the faster the staining will stop. Just one drop in each eye does the trick. It is also great for bites, skin irrations, also some people take it internally, diluted in a glass of water. A friend of mine had a rash on her arm that was itching, I told her put this on and 10 minutes to do it again. Well, she said it stoped itching for about 10 minutes, so applied more, it quit again. About 10 minutes later it started again but, not as bad. She put a little more on and that was the end of it. It disapeared. I have used it on cuts, splinters, all kinds of things. I make it myself, this way I have the best.
-Carole - Fantasyland

Well Carol, tell us how you make it yourself and dont spare any details. Where do you buy it, the name and strength, etc. Everytime we start a discussion about this product, we never seem to get out all the details, so how about it. Thanks in advance for the info.

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