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lumps under chin

by Jane Christ

I have a 3 year old male who has had two marble sized lumps come and go under the chin for six weeks. He acts fine and the vet has no clue but isn't concerned. I am. Any thoughts?


I was watching with interest to see if someone more experienced with Maltese had ever heard of this phenomena. I have been here for going on 4 months and don't recall ever hearing anything like this. I've also read all the archives, and don't recall this. So, the best I can think of to say is, if it was me, I would be quite concerned, too. I would get a second opinion. Please keep us updated on this problem, and I hope for the best.
-Marsha O & Jazz

Good news. A second vet determined the problem was clogged salivary glands and is treating with an antibiotic.

Jane, Be certain of your vet's diagonose.My Maltese had the same lumps and it turned out to be Lymphosarcoma(Leukemia).She is currently being treated.In a young dog the only way to check is a complete blood workup. Good Luck, bootss

Jane , I agree with bootss. My first Maltese developed lymphoma. The first symptom was swollen glands in the neck. Lyme disease also has these same symptoms. I agree, please get blood tests. Good luck.

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