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by kathy hull

I am interested in buying my first maltese and would like to know about their temperment and habits.


You probably have already taken a look at the "breed standard" info on the home page--the only thing I could add to the basic temperment description is how very happy my Sweet Pea seems. She is such a cheerful dog. I became interested in the breed after seeing an article in Dog Fancy magazine a couple of years ago. When my house dog died last year about this time--I answered pretty quick when my husband asked me what kind of dog I'd like to get to help ease the grief. Maltese were described in the article as the "Little Comforter." Well, Sweet Pea was that--she helped me through a tough time when my Dad died last Thanksgiving--and when I took her to see my Dad when he was so sick, she was about the only thing that could make him smile. Anyway, if Sweet Pea is any indication of the breed in general, they are smart, joyful, loving creatures. She gets along well with our other dogs and cats--tolerates children pretty well, considering how rarely she exposed to them. She very sturdy and active, and if not for the other dogs, I don't think she would bark at all. So are you ready to get one? I don't think you'll be sorry!

I have been watching all day as my 9 month old Grandson, who is visiting, crawls over to the dog gate, pulls up and pets my dogs. They are so sweet and loving with this little boy, you would not believe. As I watched them today, I realized how lucky that I was in selecting the breed of dog to have. All 6 of my Maltese love the kids, they are so patient when their hair is pulled or their nose is pinched. They seem to know that he is a baby and they just pull back and lick his fingers. They are the kindest most loving breed of dogs I have ever seen. I have to gate them from the small children as they would not defend themselves where the kids are concerned.
-Marsha A.

I have always been a cat person. My last child starts to school this fall. Even though my cat is a great companion, he doesn't like to go anywhere. I really wanted a companion to ease the "empty nest" syndrome. I can only say that everything you've heard is true! I am totally in love with mine. He is sweet, doesn't bark, doesn't shed, loves to ride in the van, loves everybody, including the cat, and is very content just lying in my lap. He can be playful but he is very much in tune with my moods, and is extremely adaptable. I hope to have him for many years, but if he was gone tomorrow, I would get another one!
-April B.

We have a Maltese. She is 1 year old. She is the most wonderful pet, full of life, energy and makes us very happy. I would recommend this breed to anyone. My Misty was easy to train, she's smart and learns very quickly. We take her everywhere with us. I have even talked my sister into recently purchasing a Maltese puppy of her own.
-Elaine Brooks

we bought a 6 month old maltese male yesterday from a reputable pet store in New York City. We are first time dog owners and have no idea about dogs. But this dog seeems to be very quiet and not with much energy. He has not barked once since we brought him home (although he did at the pet shop---once) and he doesnt seem to want to do anything other than sleep... Is this normal??? What should we do??? Please help!!

Pet store that sell puppies and is reputable? hmmmm..

If your 6 month old maltese pup is sleeping constantly, please take him to a qualified vet and explain about your dog sleeping so much. This not normal for a maltese to do this at that age. He will probably want to run a series of tests on him. Make sure you save all receipts so the reputable pet store will ask you for them to reimburse you for the expenses. Don't waste no time in seeing your vet and I hope all goes well.

We just adopted our first maltese pup about 2 months ago. He is a male which we named Casey. I don't think we could possibly love the little guy any more than we already do!!! He is so incredibly intelligent and wonderful with my 3 and 5 year old sons. It is so wonderful to take him for a walk and have all the people stop you and fuss over him!!! When we chose Casey, I really had no preference as to male or female, but I was wondering if there is any major difference in the female maltese's temperment from the males? We may consider getting another puppy in the future, and I would like advice as to if it would be better to get another male, since we already have a male, or would a female be better? Thanks in advance for helpful advice!!!!!!!

Kim.... If you have a male you should probably get a female. That way there should be less compitition between the two. I have a female named Mika. In a year or two I will hopefully be purchasing a male. Good luck getting a second pup!! Jackie and Mika :-)
-Jackie Florio

Re: The person who was concerned because the 6 month puppy he brought home "yesterday" was quiet and only wanted to sleep, etc. That was probably a result of the new environment. We have one Maltese and 5 Brittanies, and I've found that most puppies feel strange for a day or two. By now that little guy is probably running around enjoying his new home and family! Update, please?!

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