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Show Quality?

by Carol A

Jasmine is now 17 weeks old, we have been going to conformation classes since she was 10 weeks, (I bred her). At the last class there was a professional handler there, she was helpful to some extent, told me Jaz is good quality BUT is high in rear. Guess my concern is will this be something she will grow into or is this truly a fault, she is a sweet little girl and we are both enjoying her training, however I really don't want to invest a lot of money and I do know showing is expensive if this is true. Of course I am also worried about breeding her in the future if this is a permanent stucture problem. At a little over 4 months what can really be judged. Any helpful answers would be greatly appreciated.


I would'nt be to concerned at this age a puppy will shift and change alot in various stages of growth.You should have a better picture after 6 months of age.

Four months of age is NOT a good age to judge show quality or not. Puppies go thru the uglies and can change dramatically in just a couple of months. I like to look at them at about 9-10 weeks and then again after 6 months--anything can and often does happen in between.

A case in point--I have a puppy (now young adult) who was very nice at 10 weeks, but at 4 months, he was high in the rear, steep in the shoulder, and his coat was dry and stuck out. I just remembered the very pretty 10 week old. Now at a year, he has a long graceful neck and high head carriage, fantastic front, dead level topline and the most beautiful white silk coat I have produced to date. (Several professional handlers have suggested that he has the potential to be a Best in Show dog. How about that for a four-month old ugly duckling!)

So, I would suggest waiting at least three or four more months before evaluating her again. Keep up the training and enjoy your time with her right now.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

Jasmine is now in what we refer to as the changing teenage years. Have patience and continue your training and re-evaluate her at 6 to 8 months old. The training you are doing now will serve both of you well as she matures - in the ring as well as the bond between you. When you are ready to check her again you might try talking to a breeder/exhibitor at a local show after judging is over for the day. They will be able to give you some sound insight on where to go next. Good Luck!
-Vivian - Fantasia Maltese

Linda and Vivian thank you both for your answering me. I kept telling myself that it was to early to tell yet, but it seems once a seed of doubt is planted it is hard to ignore wthout some positive input.
-Carol A

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