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separation anxiety

by Lori

My 9 month old female maltese, Bella, is very attached to me and I try to take her everywhere I can. We recently took two vacations and brought her along and she does great as long as she's with me. She loves my husband but when I leave her alone with him he says she cries and whines the whole time I'm gone. He works long hours and is not here much. My problem is I have to go out of town for 4 days next weekend and I am unable to take Bella. I will be staying in a motel that does not allow pets. I am worried that she will starve herself or fret herself to death while I am gone. My husband will be with her at night, but she will be alone in the house from 10-12 hrs a day. Can a dog really die of a broken heart? Thanks , Lori


Lori, It is very heartwarming to see someone who is so attached to their little one--Bella is very lucky! While she will miss you a great deal, I'm sure she will be fine. If you can, maybe have a friend or neighbor check in on her a few times throughout the day until your husband gets home. Make sure she has lots of toys and someone has even suggested before to have a t-shirt you have worn or other article of clothing near her bed, etc. so she has your scent around. A radio or tv left on may not be a bad idea, either. She'll certainly be glad to see you when you get home, but try not to worry too much!

Lori, I love the name Bella. Pixie's middle name is Bella. Is there anyone you know that could watch your dog during the day that Bella knows? I know when my family members who have dogs go out of town, they leave their dogs at their houses. Most of them have dogs too. Pixie Bella is crated when we leave for a few hours. Yesterday I turned her crate around and left the cartoon network on for her and put a treat in there to keep her busy for awhile as well as her favorite chew. I hate leaving her alone too, so I can sympathize with you. Sometimes I leave the radio on too, but I decided she might like to watch the colorful cartoons for a change. If you could find someone you trust to either leave her with for the day or would come in to play with her for awhile--that would be great for both of you. Have a safe trip.

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