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New Maltese

by Tom Jennings

Just joined the net and we have a 9 month old female Maltese. She is a good dog, loves children. Her name is Lucy. She is about 99% housebroken. Has an accident once in awhile and usually has it in the same room of the house. She is paper trained.


Welcome to the site, Tom! This is a great place for you to share and learn more about Lucy. I'm glad you found your way here.
-Marsha O & Jazz

Hi Tom, Welcome to the neighborhood! My Lucy (18mo) sends your Lucy a big hello and lots of kissies.
-cathy brown

We have our second pup and like the first - who died at 14 - she sometimes does not vocalize when she wants to go out. She'll stand there and look at you as if you're a mind reader. It just takes some time to get tuned into their wave length. But they DO send a message - its us that have to be trained to read it sometimes.

Welcome Tom. Take some time and check out this site's main page. Lots of info and fun stuff there. My Pixie Bella goes potty outside, but occasionally goes in the house. They still will have accidents from time to time--that's normal. Maltese are very clean animals. Pixie if she does poop in the house which is not often [usually because I didn't let her out soon enough], will go in the same spot, since she's marked it when we first brought her home. It's by the front door or on the fireplace brick [easy enough to clean up!].

I am new to this Web site and find it very interesting. I'm glad I found it. My wife and I just brought home a 9 week male maltese named "Andre". He is very minature in size and am wondering how big he'll grow, if any. I must add, Andre is our first Maltese. He is not eating as we would like him too. His first visit to the "vet" is tomorrow. meanwhile, we are giving him a "finger" licking supplement "Nutri-Cal" once a day. Is this okay?

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