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We are taking our Maltese on vacation with us on the plane in a airline approved travel bag. Any suggestions or tips on this type of travel with Lucy.


I, too, am interested in knowing more about airline travel with the pooch. I hear they can be taken as "carry-on luggage" if they fit under the seat, but the airline I called (can't remember which one now) wasn't very helpful. Look forward to hearing from those of you with experience in this.

I haven't dpone it myself, but on another Maltese message board there was a discussion of the Sherpa bags (they look like a duffel bag). They're airline approved. Most of the people said once they'd taken off, they took the dog out & wrapped it in a blanket & kept it in their laps. The Sherpa bags are available in most large pet store, but you can get them cheaper through the major pet supply catalogs.
-Carole W.

I love my Sherpa bag and wouldn't be without one. As a matter of fact, I'll be getting a second one for Hot Pursuit when he arrives. However, I won't know how appropriate it is for air travel until after this weekend as Split and I are off for Chicago tomorrow afternoon.

When I first got Split (or she got me) I purchased one of those vari-kennels for the purpose of a "car-safety seat" but she absolutely hated it and whined and cried the entire time. It was also too big to strap into with the seatbelt. I decided to try a Sherpa for that purpose. I like the idea that it has mesh on all four sides for ventilation and she can see me and I can see her. Although it's soft-sided, it's firm enough to offer some sort of protection should I ever be in a car accident and it's small enough that I can secure it with the seatbelt. And best of all, Split LOVES it. When not in use, I leave it open in an inconspicuous location with the front tucked under it. I stuff it full of her toys and often I find her in there and pulling out her toy de jour. When I take all the toys out, she does her doggy dance (you all know the one) until I put it back on the floor. Then she gets in and gives me one of those looks that says "hurry up--I'm ready to go".

Anyway, if it would never see the inside of an airline cabin, I'd be happy since I can now go anywhere and feel like I've done something to keep my baby safe and she's happy.

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