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by Cindy

I'm desperate! My baby needs your help! She is a happy baby, but she looks so sad. All because someone out there is holding out on us, all!!! I know someone SURELY must have the answer to this tear-staining!!!!!I have read a million suggestions: Noone seems to know what to do with this "Colloidal Silver". The Crystal Eye didn't work for me, (still trying). Someone suggested corn starch and even MOM, didn't work. Oh, and the tums, PLEASE! What do you PROFESSIONAL BREEDERS (Whoa, ho ho!)use for show dogs? This is your chance to prove yourselves! Someone out there has the answer to this one, guys. Who's gonna cough it up? COME ON PEOPLE.......SHARE. You're among friends, here.......share the wealth. Our babies are suffering, won't you HELP US:( ? p.s. I read all of the responses to my inquiry "where do we all live?" am I really supposed to believe that none of you knows this one?


I have only had my Phoebe for a short time but I have read many, many, many ideas all from breeders. My Phoebes breeder uses a peroxide,cornstarch, amd Milk of Magnesia concoction. I THINK its also called the miracle goop. look you will find something that works.
-Suzi & Phoebe

I ordered some Super Blue Plus [waterless blue shampoo, needs no rinsing] from Drs. Foster & Smith Catalog. I've been using it on Pixie and I see a wonderful improvement. No more crusties and the hair is nice and soft. I notice the brown fading as well. It works much better than the Clear Eyes I was using before. If you are interested, Jay has the catalog listed on his Maltese Only page.

Thank you, Vicki. I have ordered the catalog, and will certainly try it.

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