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I want Maltese, but no?

by Yukie

Hi everyone, I've been reading Maltese Only for almost 6 mos., and this is my first post. I need some help and advice from all of you Maltese owners. I've been wanting a Maltese puppy for almost a year, but I work all day and I don't have any relative living close enought to help me out to check up on puppy while I'm away. This matter have been bothering me for long time and stopping me from getting a puppy. So I like to have your opinion about having puppy when you are working full time and no help. Is this humane at all? Could this be done? How old is old enough to safely leave a puppy by itself for almost 9 hrs? Any advice will be appreciated.


Hi Yukie: We got our first Maltese 3 years ago and were hooked. They are very social so it would be hard if no one will keep them company so we took Wellington everywhere with us in his little Sherpa Bag, then we bought him a female companion so they keep each other company now. They just had 4 puppies on the 18th of April and it's difficult for us to let go, but we know it wouldn't be fair to keep them all. Too bad you don't live in Hilo so that you could adopt one of our pups and I could babysit sometimes for you. They do become family and you wouldn't leave your child home alone. They are ok after 6 months but not for real long periods of time. Wellington learned how to be very quiet in his bag, we even took him to fancy restaurants, under the airplane seat even to doctor's offices. Everyone that he's met is surprized as to how well behaved he is, but it's all in training. I kept him by my side while he was growing up and he still is a loving companion (although he's quite jealous of the pups right now, doesn't realize that they're his). Anyhow follow your heart, they are adorable and very lovable. I wish we could keep them all. Good luck and I wish you the best! Aloha, Kahala

Yukie--Have you thought of getting a dog that is a little older and maybe housebroken already? That would be one way to make this decision a little earlier. When I brought Lucy home at 12 wk, I was told she could control her bladder for no more than 4 hr (and trust me, we went out to pee-pee much more often that that!). Another thing you might consider is having a pet sitter come in to walk her and spend a little time playing with her during the day. If at all possible, could you plan to take a couple weeks vacation at the same time you purchased a pup? That way you would be home with him or her during the adjustment period. These are some suggestions. And I hope they give you some ideas about how your might resolve your problem. Let us know what you decide.
-cathy brown

It is a hard decision, but I think it can be done. We have our dog in the main-floor laundryroom, with papers on the floor, in one corner, and his crate with the door open in the other corner. He knows he can use the papers if he needs to, but when we are home, he goes outside to do his business. I feel comfortable knowing that if we are delayed, the dog isn't just waiting to outside. As he has gotten older, many days, he doesn't use them at all. We always make sure we play with him before going to work and school, and when we get home, he gets a lot of attention. It can work. Good luck. They can steal your heart, with their cute antics, and playful disposition.

You are to be commended for thinking so carefully about getting a Maltese. There are folks that leave theirs alone all day successfully. Remember that dogs are social animals. The Maltese is a "companion" breed. They crave attention. I would never think of leaving mine alone all day. If you really want one, consider getting a kitten or another puppy for company if you must be away all day.
-April B.

Yukie - You have decided on a wonderful breed to bring into your home. I first got my baby 8 years ago and also had no-one to help out. Don't you worry, he/she will be just fine. I personally feel that the quality time you spend with the pup can make up for the hours you are away. While all dogs are social/pack animals, if you get a puppy it will get used to being alone during the day and what i always did was make some extra time in the morning for play so that she would be tired and actually wind up sleeping most of the time. My girl recently passed and i plan on getting another one soon who i will also train this way. I do, however, plan on taking my two weeks vacation and devoting that time to training her to "GO" inside and out - that way if late nights come up, you won't feel guilty and she can go in the house. If after you have your new baby awhile, she/he seems lonely, you might want to consider getting another for company but see how it goes first. I wish you the Best of Luck - you will get and give more love than you can imagine! Let us know your decision.

Hi everyone, thank you so much for all the advices and support. I feel very lucky to have all of you for support. After I read all of messages, I'm thinking about getting a little older puppy than 12 weeks(which I believe is standard). However, my question is that is most of breeders willing to hold puppy for more than 12 wks? Also, if I like to get a companion for first puppy, is it best to get another one at the same time I get a first puppy or wait for a while till first one get used to new environment?

If you do decide to adopt an older maltese puppy, be sure that he is well socialized! Check out your breeder carefully. A dog that has been just sitting in a crate most of the time will not have the same wonderful personality of one that has been around people all day. I purchased my very first Maltese at 7 months from a top breeder in Michigan, but Marpesa had no people skills, and had never seen grass!!! She later bonded well to me and my family, but she never learned to like anyone else, and housebreaking was a nightmare. I loved that dog for 14 years, but no-one else much did. I believe it is the duty of any reputable breeder to handle each puppy daily, and when they are a few weeks old, play with them, and socialize them with strangers. Check this out before you adopt! Good luck... you will love your Maltese, they are the best small breed of all! Blossom

Yukie, If it were me, and I actually had planned on having two kiddos, I would get them both at the same time. First of all you can potty train two at the same time and not have to go through it twice (and I personally thing that's the hardest part of raising a puppy). Also, they would have each other to play with when you are away, and if you got littermates, they'd already be used to that. Lucy is 18 mo, and I have been thinking of getting her a baby sister, but she is such an "only child" and is ALWAYS in mom's lap, so it's not clear to me that she would be all that willing to share on a permanent basis--or even think it would be fun to have another fluff ball to play with full time. We inherited my mom's cat a few months ago, and Lucy is fine with her, but isn't all that thrilled when the cat is receiving special attention from me. She will grab my hand or hop into my lap or even sit on the cat if it is lying next to me. So you see the problem? Whatever you decide, you are in for lots of fun and love.
-cathy brown

I think Blossom is right on target (see my message on the aggressive behavior problem above). I think the same happened to my puppy before I got her. I will never again buy a dog from anyone but an actual breeder.

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