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Overeaters Annonymous?

by Lydia/Pepper

Hi, Pepper seems to have a huge appetite. Whenever anyone is eating anything, he must have some and he will follow you and watch you while you eat it. He went so far as to steal a piece of cheese from my daughter's hand today (nothin viscious just stole it). Anyway, it seems no matter how much he eats he wants more and would eat constantly. Do dogs not realize when they're full, or does he just have an excessive appetite?


If I eat, they want some. I think it is just that what we are eating looks so good to them, they want to join in. It is funny when I am eating something like ice cream. They will all gather around, and I say "puppies don't eat ice cream" they will go and lay down. They are so smart.
-Marsha A.

I thought only Bridget did this. I tell her that Maltese are supposed to be picky, what's wrong with her. I think it's anything we have she wants, regardless what it tastes like. Aren't they the most special breed! I just love her.

Lucy too is a piglet. She wants some of everything--loves green peppers, lettuce, onions, broccoli--anything that goes in mom's salad is something Lucy immediately "adores." Sometimes a friend will drop by at lunch time bring her brown bag--most of them now know to bring something for Lucy or she insist on a bite of the sandwich (actually she usually insists anyhow after she eats whatever they brought for her!) Gotta love them, don't you!
-cathy brown

Hi, Lydia. I think it is true that some (or many) dogs do not know when they're full. Over the years, Noelle has eaten to the point of getting an upset tummy. This has happened, usually, when she around a lot of people (like at a party) and no one is paying attention to what she is eating. Believe me, she is an experienced beggar. Everyone thinks this is sooo cute. She loves to follow babies and toddlers around because they are always dropping food on the floor. I usually catch on and announce "No more food for the beggar!" On the few occasions when she really has eaten TOO much, she generally just vomits and lays down for about 5 minutes. Of course, this leaves mommy with the task of cleaning up the mess. But she is no worse off for the experience. For the longest time, my family made it a habit to spoil her. She almost never ate her dog food because she could count on getting enough table food to keep her sated. Over time she became very overweight for her size. While her mommy (me) is very overweight, I did not want her to fall into the same trap. Frankly, her weight was having an effect on her health. Since our Maltese's (sp?) are not very long, a big belly really puts a strain on their backs. Also, our breed is subject to patella problems and the added weight is just an aggravating factor. Anyway, I finally had to convince the family that Noelle is limited to dog food, with occasional treats of table food. I put her on a light, senior diet. Also, her biscuits/treats are a special light version. The vet told me that many of the commercial treats are little more than empty calories. Over time she went from almost 12 pounds down to 9 pounds. She hovers around 10 pounds today. She is still overweight, but not nearly as bad as she was several years ago.

I know that this seems like a long response, but just be sure that your indulgences with food don't cause a problem later on in your little one's life. I hope this helps. loraine

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