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by Shae

I need help!! My new baby loves to chew EVERYTHING! My fingers, toes, carpet (wall to wall), dust ruffle, comforter, ... I have tried bitter lime spray which works for a few minutes. I have also tried giving him a chew toy and praising him when he chews it instead of something he shouldn't be chewing. I say no in an authoritive manner without really yelling, but it is no use. It isn't only that his constant chewing on me is annoying, but I don't want my furniture, etc. destroyed. Also, he is able to pull out the carpet fibers and I am afraid he is going to choke on one if I don't get to him in time to get it out of his mouth. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate hearing anything that has worked for you.


I had a hard time with this also. I could not find anything my puppies liked to chew. I finally found pigs ears. Many people do not agree with giving them these, but it was the only thing they would chew. Every time I found them chewing anything else, I would say no-no, and give them the ear. It worked. I purchase the pigs ears at Oink Oink on the net, as they are not imported like the ones in the pet stores.
-Marsha A.

I started out with a variety of toys and we play at least twice a day. When I cannot watch my puppy, he is in a room where everything is puppy-proofed or he is in the crate with his toys. Anytime I have caught him chewing on something inappropriate, I yell no and clap my hands. Then I say, "Get your toy." Playing with the toy gets him lots of praise and hugs from me. Now, he automatically goes for the toys. I read that one should not give dogs any household items such as old shoes, socks, and the like because the dog may get confused about what is o.k. to play with and what is not o.k. They need to chew. I think something hard, like the nylabones work well. Noah has a wishbone that I sometimes hold for him while he is in my lap. He loves to do this. The number one thing to remember is to be consistent. It pays off.
-April Blackmon

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