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walks in circles

by I-Ling

My maltese walks in circles when he defecates. My friend's maltese does the same thing. Is it common for maltese?


Lots of dogs (not just maltese) do this. I suspect it is some leftover from the "wolf genes," though I'm not an expert in that sort of genetic connection. Lucy seems to use the "straight line" approach, but sometimes moves halfway down the block or across the yard to finish up what she started; or will start and then decide it isn't where she wants to go and maybe not try again until the end of the walk. Guess bathroom habits are as diverse as dogs???
-cathy brown

My dog does the same thing. My Mom's dog doesn't.(?) I thought it was strange too. Since if they go on papers, sometimes it all doesn't end up there.

Yes, our little one likes the circle approach also.

Thanks for your responses. It is nice to know that we are not alone. Dien is traied to use the pads on our balcony. If we are home, there is no accident at all, he will go back to the balcony after his routine circles. However, if we are not home, accident happens. Any suggestions?
-I-Ling Ogawa

Yup, Snowball does the same thing. I called it "doing his dance." Too cute.
-Joanne & Snowball

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