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Toe-nails falling out??

by Janis

Recently I was talking with a fellow dog lover and she told me about an encounter she had with a Maltese owner...She said the person had brought their Maltese to her for help. She said the dog was one complete mat! It's hair was totally matted, it couldn't see, and it could hardly walk. The toe-nails were so long they had grown into the dog's paws, and she said one paw didn't even have toe-nails. She said they had fallen out because the owner hadn't clipped the hair away from them...among other things...Has any one ever heard of this? Do you have to clip all the hair from the top and bottom of the paws? By the way this story sent chills up and down me. I only wish I could hunt these people down and save this innocent baby.


Hi! I hate it when I hear of these stories. They are so horrible. If I see a pet that is being abused I usually will say something if I even remotely know them. pets deserve better.

Oh on the clipping of paw hairs, I only clip on the bottom. I leave the top hair alone. Once I cut it all off cause I thought it might bother my baby but he looked ridiculous and he hated the look of it so now I leave it alone.

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