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What is the #1 show line?

by Marsha A.

What is the # 1 show line, with the most wins, today ?


It depends on what kind of wins you are referring to. The top winning Maltese of all time, as well as the top winning toy dog of all time is Ch. Sand Island Small Kraft Lite. Owned by Carol Frances Andersen and handled by Vicki Abbott. He is also ranked as the number three toy dog of all time (someone correct me if I am wrong.) The second all time top winning Maltese is Ch. Shanlyn's Raisn' a Racous. Also handled by Vicki Abbott. He is the #5 (I believe) all time top winning toy dog. These points are based on number of dogs beat in a year's time frame. There are also number one stud dogs and brood bitches, or number of champions breed out of a certain line.

Sorry, didn't make that very clear. I am looking at my Champions book, that lists the # 1 Maltese in '92 through '94 as Ch. Melodylane Sings O'Al Mar Luv, AMA National Specialty BISS, 12 BIS, 3 BISS, 61 Group 1st, 37 Other Group Placements, 102 Best of Breed. My books stop at 1994, the others have not been printed yet. I was wondering who was 1995 through present in this Champion class status.
-Marsha A.

Marsha I believe the # 1 Maltese in 1995 was Ch Shanlyn's Rais N A Raucous (D), in 1996 it was Ch Merri Paloma (B) and I think the current #1 is Ch Ta-Jon's Tickle Me Silly (B) Hope this answers your question.

Just what I wanted to know, thank you.
-Marsha A.

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