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Breeding Stock

by Mathew

Hi, my name is Mathew. I am going to start breeding Maltese. For the past 19 years, I have studied the Maltese, and observed them carefully. First I tried to get a pet quality to see what Maltese were like. After the first day, i fell completely in love. I have studied for many years of the Maltese. I have attended many dog shows for the Maltese, and I love the action and fun it is to show dogs. After a while, I read a lot of books on breeding. I want to breed because my love for the breed, and quality. I am not selling or breeding because of the money. I am not going to let my puppies go to bad homes. So my question is, who would you recomend me buying stock from to start breeding, and what should I ask for. I have no clue what to ask for in stock. Any stock is fine from a reputable breeder. I will gradually improve my line as time passes by. I am just confused where to buy stock,how much it will cost, and what to ask for. Thank You Very much.


Since you have studied the breed for 19 years you must have a mental image of what you see as an "ideal." Check with breeders who seem to have that type. Visit their kennels, don't buy by mail, be prepared to show if that is their requirement. I feel you will waste about 7 generations of breeding to try to "breed up," as you say. Most breeders truly are honest caring people who breed to improve the breed. I feel the best breeders belong to their breed club and show their stock. This enables them to keep current and to see how their stock measures up with other breeder's stock. We learn by doing and showing. Beware breeders who mumble things about the politics, etc. of AKC and dog shows. Most judges have enough self-esteem to try to ferret out the best. Don't let the "sour grape" folks trying to earn a fast buck trick you.

We all have to start somewhere; do not be afraid to ask questions or have a professional handler inspect the dog(s) you buy--most will oblige for a small fee. Good luck! Bev Passe
-MyiMaltese-Beverly Passe

I bought the Champions books from 1952 through 1994 and looked through them to see the look I liked and then tracked down the breeder who actually produced the line of dog I liked best. They don't all look alike, especially the faces.
-Marsha A.

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