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by Carole W.

Now that the warm weather is upon us (finally) I want to leave water down all the time for my 3 1/2 old puppy. However, he likes to play with his water dish, batting it around & sloshing water everywhere, making a mess. Any suggestions?


Carole, I've learned the hard way. I now leave fresh water for my 2 upstairs as well as downstairs. They have the run of the house when I'm at work so they now have a choice. I've made life SO easy for them! I just wish I could train them to have dinner ready when I get home!!!!!
-Karen Kalamaras

The baby thought that the waterdish was a big blue toy also. I bought water bottles and mounted two of them on a wooden stand. She cannot get them off and has not tried to play with them so far. I gave her the blue waterdish and it is now really a toy.
-Marsha A.

Try using the stainless steel dishes that have a holder (rings) that hold them in place. Works great!

At a year and a half my dog still delights in splashing around in his water bowl! I recommend placing a beach towel under his water bowl when you are out of the house. This won't change the behavior but it may save your floors. Good luck!

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