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grooming shears?

by Connie

I plan on grooming my 1 year old maltese myself. Is there any special blade or attatchment for my clippers that works particularly well. I don't want to knick her. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice anyone can offer.


Oster has a clipper set out that is called "pet clipper". It comes with a #10 blade that attaches to it. The base of the clippers is red, as opposed to the black that is used for professional clippers. The only difference between this and a professional set is that the blade will only attach to this one. On professional clippers the blades are interchangeable. I would suggest nothing larger in number than a #10 blade. This will cut the hair to a short length without getting too close to the skin. I have my dog cut down with a #10 on the body, neck and stomach. I leave her tail and head hair long and cut like a bob. Then I scissor the feet. Dubl-Duck has scissors that I like. I'm not sure what catalog to order them out of though, I've had them for about 10 years and just keep taking them to get sharpened. When you buy clippers, only clip clean hair, this will prolong the life of the clippers and you won't have to get the blade sharpened as much. I clip Emmy once a month and only have to get the blade sharpened about once every year and a half, although I feel it is important to make sure the clippers are kept clean and sharpened to avoid any injury. Also, as you groom make sure the clippers don't get hot, this causes clipper burn, and is very painful to a Maltese's sensitive skin. Hope this helps!

Get some cute pictures of your dog before you decide to groom. The first one I decided to groom was so bad, even he was ashamed to go out in public. I took some lessions from my friend who is a goomer and now I am doing better. I have a 7, 10, and 30 blade with combs from 1/4 to 1 inch. Thinning and regular scissors.
-Marsha A.

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