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by Christine

Help! I am trying to find a gate to use for the doorways in my kitchen where we leave our puppy when we aren't home. My problem is that Bogey is soooo small he fits through all the gates I have tried. Two of my obstacles are that I have baseboards in the way (if I set the gate above them, he crawls right under) and one of the entrances is wider than the average doorway. Any ideas? Thanks!


Hello!!! Why don't you try leaving your little doggy in another space in the house, where there's a door? Maybe that would help... (that was how I used to keep my Yorkie back in Brazil) Hope I give you a Usefull Idea!

Hi,I had a leftover gate from my daughter that worked out great for the dog. Its made by Century and it adjust to fit any doorway. It is made of a netting material & is washable. The netting material attachs to the post which attach to the wall. As you turn the post, it makes the gate either bigger or smaller. We purchased it at a local toy store, but you can probably find one at Toys R' Us. Hope this helps!

Hi!! Try looking in a Drs. Foster and Smith catolog. They sell extra wide gates that use hardware instead of pressure mounting. Good Luck!! :-) Jackie and Mika
-Jackie Florio

I tried them all. My dogs ate through the plastic ones so fast they beat me over it. I wanted a gate that I could step over as I have my carpeted areas of my house gated off. I had them made to fit the doorways. They are solid, but short enough that they can rear up and see over them. They are grown now, and could easily jump over them, but they know that they are not allowed and respect them.
-Marsha A.

I used Graco baby gates. I loved them. Don't rule out a minor carpentry job on your baseboards.

My husband just bought the materials to make custom sized screens as a barrier for my doggies at the top of the stairs where there is a balcony with rails. You can purchase the frame in lineal ft. and custom cut to your length and width. The corners are joined by a nifty angle piece and you roll the screen in place with a tool. You can buy the swiveling holders to hold your screen in place or take it down when you need to. I wouldn't trust this to stand against a big weight but it will be great for my guys who are only 4 lbs. Also, for tiny pups a peice of wire closet shelving cut to your width works great and is inexpensive. You can step over it.
-Donna Skaggs

We bought a section of closet shelving at a hardware store. They have lots of shapes and sizes. They also have little do-dads to use for legs. Works great to keep Mason in the kitchen when we're at work :)
-Karen Kluitenberg

Thanks everybody! I definately got some ideas to try!

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