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by Michael

Hello, I need some help! About two months ago my fiancee, Dana, almost ran over a beautiful white dog as she was driving to work. Dana, who has the biggest and most kindest heart in the world, took it upon herself to find the dog's owner. She spent the next hour going house to house in the neighborhood asking everyone if the dog belonged to them. Unfortunately, she couldn't find the owner. Dana, however didn't give up there, she made some posters and placed them around the neighborhood. As of today no one has come forward to claim the dog who we now call Snowy. The first week we had her we named her Hope for obvious reasons that I'll explain in a moment, but we decided to change her name to Snowy which we both feel is a happier name. Dana found Snowy in very bad shape, her hair was extremely matted, full of fleas, and everytime she urinated she would cry in the most painful manner. Dana couldn't stand to see her in this state so she called into work to say she was going to be late and took poor Snowy to the groomers where they cleaned her up and turned her white again. After the groomers, Dana took her to our vet (we have a chow chow named Simba) and found out that she had a bladder stone the size of a golf ball and heartworms and I believe tape worms too. The next day after Dana and I discussed the situation we decided to have the bladder stone surgically removed and heartworm treatment was started approximately two weeks later. To say the least Snowy is now in a slow process of rehabilitation, but I can't begin to explain how happy she is now compared to when we first found her. As I said earlier I need some help so here it goes: 1. Is she a Maltese? Everyone says she is and I've seen your photo album and she doesn't look anything different from what's in there. Additionally, I glanced through a book and she seems to have all the physical characteristics of a Maltese. 2. When she defecates she likes to spin is that common? 3. Does tetraxicline(spelling) remove the tearstains? 4. She's extremely loveable and likes to sit on anyone's lap is that a characteristic of a Maltese? 5. What can I feed her to protect her skin and hair? I actually have a lot more questions but I don't want to take up anymore room. Please e-mail me and give me some suggestions on how to make Snowy's life more fulfilling. Thank you, Michael and Dana


First I would like to say that Snowy's name should be lucky for finding the two of you. If your groomer says she looks Maltese, she probably is, they know their dogs. My dogs spin when they play. They also walk on their hind legs like a person. I tried tetracycline fpr tear staining and it did not work. I have found the best method is to wash their faces a couple of times per day with fresh fur gel, and after they dry add a little pet silk to the area, well away from the eye. My maltese are very loving dogs, and love to sit on laps, sleep in bed with us, go for trips in the car. I have found nothing they really don't like to do, except get their ears cleaned. My dogs even love a bath. I feed my dogs Iams lamb and rice, but Jay has a survey posted about dog food in the main index of this web site that is good to look at. I use pet silk to protect their coat. They also need to be brushed every day or every other day. What makes any pet happy is Love and it sounds as if she will have plenty of that now.
-Marsha A.

Michael and Dana, It was really nice of both of you to take care of Snowy. From what you described, it is difficult to say with certainity if the dog is a maltese or not. So I would probably go with what your vet said. The maltese breed was very popular several hundred years back with wealthy royal families because they were loving lap dogs. And my maltese does love to chase her tail (though not during defecating). As far as tear stains, look in the archives at this site. The topic has been discussed and several people have suggested remedies. Hope the both of you keep Snowy. Good luck.

How lucky for Snowy to find you. I wish you a happy relationship. My dogs spins too. He also will sit in anyones lap. His nick name is "any lap will do". I use Crystal eye, available at any pet store to keep tearstaining under control. Take Care! Patti & Buster

Congratulations to all of you for finding each other! I think all new Maltese owners are anxious to do right by their doggy. My suggestion is to RELAX, keep reading Maltese Only, go by your own instincts, and know that you are doing right by this very lucky SNOWY. Keep us informed on her progress.
-Donna Skaggs

Snowy is one lucky little dog indeed. What a terrific story. You are about to "embark on a journey" that most of us Maltese owners already experience. Your Snowy is going to bring so much love, happiness and joy to your life. Good luck with your new baby.

For my maltese, spinning and defecating go hand in hand. He also spins when he is PREPARING to lie down. Sometimes he spins several times then has an fight with the blanket, which apparently is in his way, and then proceeds to lie down. So, in that aspect I find your new baby perfectly normal. Good luck with all of her health issues.

That maltese of yours is a very lucky doggy! You two sound like the perfect owners for Snowy. My maltese Baby also had bladder surgery for 2 stones. I have to keep her on a special diet for her PH level. Something with too much protein. I buy her UD by Hills perscription. You can only get it your vet. I also make her treats with the same food. It's horrible but I'll do anything to keep her happy and healthy! Feel free to e-mail with any questions on this matter. Good luck!

Michael & Dana: I have a new baby Maltese that I have had for a few weeks now. It was so funny to hear about Snowy spinning when she defecates because my little Oliver does that also! I guess it is a thing with Malteses. Also, about the tear stains: I thought Oliver had tear stains and bought Four Paws Crystal Eyes, which I noticed someone already mentioned. It is safe for dog's eyes and I have heard that it does indeed do a terrific job getting rid of tear stains, but what Snowy has may just be a slight orangish color around her eyes. I thought Oliver had tear stains, but as it turns out, some Malteses just have that color of fur around their eyes. My little Oliver would love nothing more than to sit in someones lap for hours on end. About the feeding: The breeder that I bought Oliver from recommended Eukanuba, but when he began to refuse to eat that, I bought him Purina Puppy Chow. If Snowy is full grown, you might try Eukanuba adult food or Purina Dog Chow. But whatever you do, if you have not already been told---NO HUMAN FOOD OR TABLE SCRAPES!! It is very bad for their stomachs and will give them diarrhea. If she is a Maltese, she should: 1. Weigh 3 - 4.5 kg. 2. Be between 20 and 25 cm tall. 3. Have a long, white (or ivory) flowing, silky coat which should drag the ground. 4. Have a pure black nose, and should have pure black around it's eyes. 5. Have triangle-shaped ears which fold down and hang almost limp. 6. Have large, round, dark-colored eyes. If you are looking at her from the front and she is looking straight at you, none of the white of her eye should be able to be seen. You should only be able to see it if she looks to the left or right. 7. Her tail should be thick at the base and thin at the tip. That is all I can think of for now. If I think of anything else---I'll let you know. Good luck with Snowy. She is lucky to have you two!!
-Paige H.

What a lucky puppy! I'm not sure of the conversion of kgs. to pounds, but although many malteses are very small, my happy pup is a whopping 10 lbs & that's not uncommon. My sweet dolly will do that crazy spinning before defacating (although not during) and emma I had to laugh at your description of your pup getting ready to sleep, mine will spin & have that fight with her towel too...it's the funniest thing!

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