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fungal infection

by Frank Wong

I am very impressed when I know there is a website for maltese only. My puppy (bobo) is a two years old maltese. She is very lovely and a close bonding has alreadly formed between her and our family. Recently a new baby boy born in our family. Initially bobo and my baby can live together peacefully. However, now my baby (now 3.5 months old) has been told by a medical practitioner that he has been infected by dermatophytes(skin fungal infection), the source is from the pet. He advices us to give up bobo. What can I do? Is there any other solution to treat both our baby and also bobo so that we don't need to give up bobo - which is a very cruel solution to us? I appreciate it very much if any maltese-lovers can help us.


I was very surprised by your post. I have 6 maltese and 4 Grandchildren. My Grandkids play with my dogs all the time. The smaller ones over a gate, but the 3 and 4 year olds sit on the floor, while all 6 dogs take turns in their laps. The smaller ones, if I am not alert, share candy and bottles over the gate. Not one of my grandkids has gotten anything from my dogs. My kids joke about the dogs and the kids, saying that the dogs are probably healthier than the kids, as the kids are in day care and get everything there. I would talk to my vet about this and also get a second opinion from a pediatrician.
-Marsha A.

Frank, I work for 12 Neurologists and our Nurse Coordinator worked in Peds before coming to Neurology, so I ask her advise on the; mind you this is the opinion of 1 individual! I was told that this can be caused by multiple things such as washing with to strong of a soap, milk or food allergies, dirt can cause this and a scratch biopsy should have been done on the baby,was a biopsy done? It is the opinion of this medical professional that it wasn't caused by BoBo. It's only an opinion. I happen to agree. Maybe you should consider getting a second opinion! I can probably tell everyone more about the medical field than I can about dogs! Keep us updated!
-Karen Kalamaras

I agree with Marsha - PLEASE get a second opinion before doing anything drastic about BoBo. She's worth it!!

Frank, In your shoes, I would do two things. First I would see another pediatrician to get a second opinon on the cause of the baby's problem (maybe your pediatrician hates dogs!). Second, I would take Bobo to the vet, tell the vet what the baby doctor said, and see if the vet can check Bobo out to see if the fur baby has any transmittable skin or other problem that could cause a fungal infection. It may be that even if Bobo DOES have some fungus infection that transmitted to the baby, there is an anti-fungal agent that can take care of the pup's problem. Let us know how this turns out please.
-cathy brown

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