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More questions on 2nd dog

by Lydia/Pepper

Once again, I am considering a 2nd Maltese, but I have another concern. I took my 5 yr old daughter to visit a friend. The friend's family has 3 schitzu's. There is a female & male (parents) & their female baby (1 yrs old). Anyway, as we entered the home the dogs greeted us with a bark & a wag. However, about 10 minutes afterwards as my daughter was playing with them, the male bit her on the face (no major damage thankfully). It seemed to be more playful than viscious. However, had it been my dog I wouldn't have tolerated that behavior. Anyway, the owner stated that the three dogs are used to playing rough together and therefore they tend to play rough with children. Is this rationale correct? Or are these dogs just ill-tempered? I am concerned now that the two dogs I would have would tend to be rough such as these and not be gentle pets for my children.


Lydia, Sorry about your daughter; hope you can get her to understand this was just one "bad" puppy and all dogs are not like that so she doesn't develop a fear of dogs. Also hope she wasn't hurt. I have heard that schitzus tend to have crabby tempers in general and are "growler/biters." Since most Maltese are pretty lovey-dovey, I would think they might work out better...but (not wanting to be a pain in the behind) are you sure your dughter didn't poke or pull at the pups or anything so that they felt a need to protect themselves? If she was not doing anything that threatened them, I'd put it down to the crabbiness of the breed.
-cathy brown

Hi Cathy, I understand the reason for your response, but, I can't answer the question totally honestly. My back was turned at the time this happened. However, Stephanie is used to dealing with our Pepper so I don't think she would have provoked it, but you can never be sure with kids.. The owner did say that the dogs (all 3) had a tendency to do this & all 3 on some occassion have done this!! (Wish she would have told me that earlier). Thanks for your concern re: Steph she did get a few small scratches and a bit frightened, but thankfully no major damage or scarring.

Lydia, I really wasn't trying to blame your daughter HONEST. I am glad she's okay. I do think that most schizus have pretty bad dispositions and are not good with kids. A friend of my had one that would play nice then suddenly turn around and bite you for no reason. Give Steph a hug! (Sorry again if you thought I was trying to make her a villian (or villianess, I guess!).
-cathy brown

I have a bunch, and they play really rough with each other sometimes. They had a tendancy to nip at my face when they were little, but I taught them that it was not to be done. They still bite each other, but never leave a mark on the grandkids. There have been times, when my year old granddaughter has reached over the gate and pulled some hair, but they seem to know that she is not being mean and just jump up and give her kisses. I would be in shock if one of my dogs bit someone, especially a child.
-Marsha A.

You know what, you all don't know that much of Shih Tzu's. I have 24 Shih Tzu's, and they are all wonderful. They love children, and are lovely with children. Are you sure it wasn't a Lhasa Apso, because they are more rough with children. I have had my puppies, and dogs arond children and they love my dogs. It is probably because the individuale dog is like that. All dogs are not the same. over all Shih Tzu's are wonderful dogs. I love both Shih Tzu, and Maltese. It is just that Shih Tzu's are MUCH MUCH more playful than the Maltese. I hope your daughter is all right, but I would blame the dog. But not all ShihTzu's are like that. Most of them are playful, and love children. All Shih Tzu's love every one. They are brain dead dogs. They see anyone and they love them. My dog, he was running up to a cayote. I had to run and catch him before the cayotoe would eat him up. My Shih Tzu's are all gentle with my Maltese too. Over all Shih Tzu's are nire hyper when guest come over, but not vicious.(some are), and Maltese are more calm. Over all they are both wonderful dogs. If you are considering a Shih Tzu, or a Maltese get both. Shi Tzu are more friendly with everyone(not the one that you were talking about) but most Shih Tzu's love everyone. I don't know why people are saying Shih Tzu's are bad, because they are not. I breed and love them, so please don't say anything bad about them. They are both wonderful, and don't think they are bad dogs because they are not.

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